Beyond the Pain – The Vicki Nixon Story

Mike Pulcinella has done it again. He has filmed a documentary of depth, emotion, candor and insight. There is not much available on DVD about women’s bodybuilding. Pumping Iron II: The Women (1985) is a panorama shot of this sport, which focused on the early ‘80s phenomenon of Bev Francis. Mike’s DVD is a zoom-in close-up of the same sport, as seen through the dedication and sacrifice of IFBB pro Vicki Nixon.The “Downsize Me” clip has one of the central themes presented on the DVD. Vicki speaks of two annual letters from the IFBB asking female bodybuilders to downsize themselves to look more feminine, each one requesting a 20% reduction in muscularity (for a total of 40%, or nearly half their muscle mass). Yet the larger, more muscular women are still winning the shows. Bodybuilding is basically about muscularity. I like the women to have feminine lines and look like women, but feel they also should look like bodybuilders. There is a lot of food for thought about women’s bodybuilding in this documentary.

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