What type of workout routines do UFC Fighters do?

The secret to what makes up a great UFC workout routine is not the same as one who is try to put on mass. If you are a MMA fighter and want to bring your fighting ability beyond what you are at right now or if you just want to train like your favorite UFC fighter, you will need to refocus your workout routines. The key components when it comes to a UFC/MMA workout routine are STRENGTH and CONDITIONING.

Strength is important for anyone competing in any sport; however strength converts to wins and championships when it comes to MMA. Having the ability to knockout your opponent with a single strike or to be able to use your strength to force your opponent into a submission will make you dominate in your fights.

To create your UFC workout routine you should follow these points:

– First identify any weak body parts that should be given special training
– Determine what your training for (ie. Fight in 3 months)
– Identify if you require more strength or conditioning training
– How many days a week will you train
– What technique training do you feel you will need for the coming fight
– What exercises do you hate to do? ( you should do a lot of these)
– Now you will need to find your exercises they should include:
– A dynamic warm-up to improve your mobility before your workout
– Large body parts workout to build your general strength ( these include squats, dead lifts, lunges, chin-ups, bench press)
– Unilateral exercises to develop your stabilizer muscles and maintain muscular balance ( these would include arm rows, single arm presses, single stiff-leg dead lifts)
– Static core stability exercises (planks)
– Dynamic core stability exercise (wood chops)
– Rotational power exercises ( such as medicine ball throws)
– Injury prevention exercises for the shoulders ( these can be Cuban presses, external rotations)

The most important thing to remember is start your workout routine today time will pass quickly and before you know its fight day and you need to be ready!!

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