What are some ways to make me run faster?

To improve the way you run, follow these 10 easy steps which will make you run faster.

Elite runners and recreational runners alike constantly strive to increase their running speed. Runners are not the only athletes with a need for speed. Sports like soccer lacrosse or football to name a few all demand fleetness of foot from their athletes.

Warm Up

Perform a dynamic warm up before you run. Dynamic warm up drills lubricates joints and increase energizing blood flow to the muscles Dynamic warm ups also activate core muscles which in turn improves posture and running efficiency. Dynamic warm up moves include arms circles leg swings and walking lunges.


Incorporate plyometric exercises into your strength training routine. Plyometric exercises build the explosive power needed to run faster. Try jumping squats scissor kicks and power skips.

Stride Rate

Elite runners typically run with a stride rate of 90 to 95 strides per minute. The average recreational runner completes about 80 strides per minute. Try running with quicker more fluid strides to increase your stride rate.


Avoid over striding with your front leg almost fully extended. Avoid landing on the heel of your front foot. Aim for a flat footed stride and use your natural forward momentum.


Poor posture decreases running efficiency and speed. Good posture makes it easier for your body to move so it moves faster. Stand with your back straight and your shoulders square. Keep your chest out.

Arm Movement

Never pump your arms across your body. Keep your arms at a 90 degree angle and pump them from hip level to mid chest level.

Hand Position

Lightly cup your hands instead of clenching them into fists. Clenched fists stiffen the upper body. Avoid holding a water bottle or MP3 player in your hands. Holding something in your hand can cause your torso to rotate toward that side of your body which slows you down.


Eat a light protein rich meal an hour or two before your run to maintain your energy Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or sports drinks before during and after your running session.

Cool Down

The tighter your muscles the slower you move. Finish your running session with static stretching. The hip flexor stretch is especially good for improving your running form.


It s important to train regularly but overworking your muscles will decrease your performance over the long run. Take a day off at least once a week.

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