Should I use a dietary supplement to help me gain muscles?

The term dietary supplement is defined as a product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to supplement your diet. The dietary ingredient may include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes, organ tissues, and metabolites. Dietary supplements may also be extracts or concentrates, and may be taken in many forms such as powders, liquids, tablets or capsules. You do not need to use these dietary supplements to gain muscle but they do make your life easier. The rule is you need to consume one 1gram of protein for every lbs of body weight. A lot of people will find it difficult to consume that much protein. On average for every ounce of meat or fish you get about 7grams of protein.


Chicken breast 3.5oz – 30grams of protein
Chicken thigh (average size) – 10grams of protein
Drumstick – 11grams of protein
Chicken meat (cooked) 4oz – 35grams of protein


Fish fillets or steaks 3.5oz – 22grams of protein
Tuna 6oz – 40grams of protein


Hamburger patty 4oz – 28grams of protein
Steak 6oz – 42grams of protein
Most cuts of beef – 7grams of protein per ounce

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