World’s Fittest Model Winner Jamie Eason

No doubt, Jamie Eason is one of the hottest fitness model in the industry. Jamie is an American fitness model and a writer. She was also a former NFL cheerleader and winner of World’s Fittest Model Competition. She has been cover model on many female and fitness magazines. She is also developing a swimsuit from her own design. But Jamie was not always in the path to become a fitness model.

Jamie Eason was chosen to be a cheerleader for Houston Texans before, but it didn’t last long after she got a verdict of early stadium cancer.

She remembers, “It wasn’t long before I realize that my inactive lifestyle and poor nutrition caused disaster to my body. In an effort to reshape my body, I joined a local gym and start to exercise a few times a week. I weight lifted, just as I did in university, but I didn’t get the same result as before.”

Jamie Eason needs to change her life so she hired a personal trainer and visit a nutrient expert. After a few months, she felt and saw the transformation. “I feel healthy physically and emotionally, I have the real meaning of a success and prosperity.”

Jamie Eason won her first fitness competition. After that, she knew she found a path for her life. She proved that muscles can be sexy and it becomes inspiration for many woman to try changing their body.

Stats :

Name: Jamie Eason
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 108 lbs
Birth: April 10, 1976
Bust: 35
Waist: 25
Hips: 34

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