Most Popular Fitness Model Cori Nadine

Cori Nadine is hands down the most popular fitness model on the internet, being featured in several porn films and who worked with Playboy back in the 90′s. She is the first girl who actually showed that you can work out and sport a somewhat muscular body with abs, yet still look feminine and super sexy. Nadine is super busty at 38-25-36, and was able to make a huge comeback in 2004 showing off some amazing pics like always. Nadine is Philippino, Irish, and Navajo Indian. An amazing looking woman who doesn’t have to pay income taxes? Now, that’s a keeper.

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Children of vaccinations

Children of vaccinations

Vaccination refers to the process of providing immunization to the body in order to protect the person from bacterial and viral infections. In a vaccination, antigenic biological preparations are administered so as to immunize the body against various diseases. Infants and small babies are most prone to be affected by various diseases that can be [...]

Alex Caceres

Alex Caceres

TRAINING: Well, it’s all but typical – I have been trying and doing a lot of new things all the time in the gym as well as looking for new ways to expand the physical and mental of martial arts, so I’m always changing and I never become stale in my routine. When and why [...]

Grape Seed-Clayton’s Health Facts

Grape Seed-Clayton’s Health Facts

What Is It?And Where Does It Come From? Grape Seed is one of the most potent anti-oxidants found in nature. Rich in bioflavonoids, radical fighters, it helps prevent damage to cells by free radicals, often called ‘garbage cells’. This extract is at least 15 to 25 times more powerful than Vitamin E in neutralizing iron [...]

Perfect sports bra

Perfect sports bra

You may be kitted out with all the shiniest, sweat-wicking gear you can get your hands on, but what lies underneath? If you’ve shunned a proper sports bra in favour of another pretty running top, you’re making a big mistake Many of us are guilty of exercising without the support of a good sports bra. [...]

Mistakes Making In The Gym

Mistakes Making In The Gym

 Not Bringing Your Music I could go into detail on this one but do us all a favor and make sure you bring your best jams. Most people with bubbly personalities or to many friends in the gym tend to talk to much. That means not only are you messing my workout up but your [...]

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