Johny Hendricks

TRAINING: Wake up around 11 am then hit the gym by 12. Leave the gym by 2:30 then get home, and after that back to the gym by 8 and leave around 10:30 pm.

When and why did you start training for fighting? June 2007 – to be the World Champion

What ranks and titles have you held? 4X Div. 1 All-American, 2X Div. 1 National Champion

Do you have any heroes? God

What is your favorite technique?
Punching people in the face

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? 
It means everything to be fighting in the UFC because this is where the best fighters are and that’s what I want – to fight the best. 

Did you go to college, and if so, what degree did you earn?
Oklahoma State University, Bachelors in Secondary Education

What was your job before you started fighting?

•    Was 2-0 in the WEC with wins over Justin Haskins (TKO2) and Alex Serdyukov (W3). Serdyukov bout won Fight of the Night honors.

•    Seven wins by TKO, one by submission.

•    Win over Waldburger earned Knockout of the Night honors

Fight History

Skill Breakdown
Charts are compiled based on results from all fights.
Total Fights: 11
Record: 12-1-0
Summary: Elite wrestler, power
Fighter Info
Nickname: Bigg Rigg
From: Ada, Oklahoma USA
Age: 28
Height: 5′ 9" ( 175 cm )
Weight: 170 lb ( 77 kg )


Total Attempted Strikes
53% Successful
Types of Successful Strikes
41% Standing
41% Clinch
Striking Defense
The percentage of total strikes avoided


Total Takedowns
45% Successful
Grappling Totals by Type
Takedown Defense
The percentage of total takedowns avoided
Result Fighters Event Str TD Sub Pass Method Replay
Jon Fitch
UFC® 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem

Dec 30, 2011

0 0 0 0 R1KO/TKO
Johny Hendricks 2 0 0 0
Johny Hendricks
UFC® 133: Evans vs. Ortiz

Aug 6, 2011

54 1 0 0 R3Decision – Split
Mike Pierce 37 1 0 0
Johny Hendricks
UFC Fight Night™ : NOGUEIRA vs. DAVIS

Mar 26, 2011

7 0 0 0 R1KO/TKO
TJ Waldburger 3 0 0 0
Johny Hendricks
UFC – TUF 12 Finale

Dec 4, 2010

24 6 1 1 R3Decision – Unanimous
Rick Story 55 2 1 0
Johny Hendricks
UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen

Aug 7, 2010

28 0 0 0 R2KO/TKO
Charlie Brenneman 9 2 0 1

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