Byron Bloodworth

TRAINING: My day starts with a light run followed by some conditioning. I work on wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and striking for a couple hours in the afternoon. That could be drills or sparring, or both. Then I usually do pads at night.

When and why did you start training for fighting? I started in 2006. I started training because I grew up a huge fan and always thought “I can do that”!

What Ranks and Titles have you held? I just recently became the Georgia Fighting Championship 135lbs. Champion!

Do you have any heroes? I don’t. We’re all just men!

What does it mean for you to fight in the UFC? It means the culmination of everything I’ve ever dreamed about and worked hard for in the last 6 years. In short… it’s everything to me!

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn? UNCW Bachelors in Health and Science

What was your job before you started fighting? I was a dock hand at a Marina at the beach.

Specific accomplishments in amateur competition? I held the ISKA belt at 135lbs.

Favorite grappling technique:
Hip toss

Favorite striking technique: Flying push kick

•    Pro since 2008

•    Trained by UFC vet Roan Carneiro

•    Two wins by submission, one by knockout

•    Coming off flying knee KO of Scott Farhat in August

Fight History

Skill Breakdown
Charts are compiled based on results from all fights.
Total Fights: 1
Record: 6-2-0
Summary: Great Cardio, Well-rounded
Fighter Info
From: Lynchburg, Virginia USA
Fights Out Of: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Age: 28
Height: 5′ 8" ( 172 cm )
Weight: 135 lb ( 61 kg )
College: UNCW
Degree: Health and Science


Total Attempted Strikes
22% Successful
Types of Successful Strikes
94% Standing
Striking Defense
The percentage of total strikes avoided


Total Takedowns
0% Successful
Grappling Totals by Type
Takedown Defense
The percentage of total takedowns avoided
Result Fighters Event Str TD Sub Pass Method Replay
Mike Easton
UFC LIVE 6: Cruz vs. Johnson

Oct 1, 2011

31 0 0 0 R2KO/TKO
Byron Bloodworth 17 0 0 0

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