Will Be A Champion Through Commitment

“There is no doubt that we make many commitments – such as commitments to our employer, our spouse or significant other, our parents, our friends, etc. However, the most important commitment is the one we make to ourselves. When you make a commitment to yourself, there can never be an acceptable excuse as to why you did not fulfill that commitment.” -Tom Platz

I’ll never win Mr. O, I may never win a show, that not the point of what follows. My friend Phil Hernon says it best “always do your best”. What that means to me is a commitment to doing all I can

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do with what I’ve got. It makes sense in bodybuilding, but so much more in life…

Through Commitment I Will Be A Champion

This statement is the foundation of my training program. This statement will not change from year to year, it will always remain the same. This statement is not a personal goal, it is a reality. Commitment to this program and all that it stands for will make me a champion in all areas of my life.

Being committed and becoming a champion are two extremely difficult things to do. In today?s society commitment seems to be a dying art. People expect instant gratification, especially when it come to winning. I believe that commitment and being a champion go together. You cannot have one without the other. I hold these two words in the highest regard.

I?ve often been asked ?How did you transform your body so quickly?? My answer is ?Commitment?. Something significant had to happen in order for such a remarkable change to occur. The answer is that my commitment bar has been raised to the highest level. October 28th of 2008 marked a new era for me, it was the beginning of an era where real commitment was required and valued more than anything else. On October of 2008 the idea of committing to be a champion was largely a leap of faith but now after having transforming my body so radically the commitment is something that is not only expected but is cherished and considered a source of pride.

Everyone wants to be a part of a winner, but not everyone is willing to make the commitment of paying the price to become a winner. This is not for everyone because there is a cost involved with taking part in it. This program requires radical commitment to be the absolute best that you can possibly be.

In order to be your absolute best, you must work extremely hard every single day. Eating when you’re not hungry, not eating when you are hungry, rising at 4:15 AM to get cardio in, and training 4 days per week as if it?s your last day to train.

The commitment to be your best is hard to realize, it takes extreme discipline and an inner drive to constantly push yourself beyond the level of comfort. This is the exact kind of commitment I will continue to make and it is also why not everyone can do it.

Being committed and being a champion go hand in hand. I became a champion over my body, and will continue to be a champion because of my radical commitment. When on the stage everyone wants to win. Every bodybuilder can get excited about taking the stage on Saturday afternoon. Everyone seems confident about the outlook for their season. My confidence however, is not an emotional skin deep excitement, it is real and deep seeded. It is grounded in months of grueling workouts and committing every day to the upcoming show. On that day I will know that I have done everything possible to be the absolute best I can be. I?ll know that beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will have worked harder than anyone else who shows up, and because of my radical commitment I?ll deserve victory. The more you invest in something the harder it is to give in or to give up on it. I?ll invest all that I have.

THROUGH COMMITMENT I WILL BE A CHAMPION, this statement is fact! It is a fact and I will make it my foundation. Being a champion is not easy and there are those who realize that the commitment is too much for them. I?ll take the hard road, I?ll take the challenge of becoming what every bodybuilder dreams of becoming?a CHAMPION.

Goal #1 – Learn

I?m working with one of the top people in the prep game. It would be a shame to go through a transformation and an off-season and learn nothing. Not only will I strive to learn about bodybuilding, but all aspects of life. I want people to see me and not just see my physical nature, but I want them to say ?that guy has his stuff together, his is going to make a difference in this world.?

Here is how I?ll learn:


I?ll have consistent training times.
I?ll use a log book to track my progress.
I?ll keep a daily food log.
Ask questions:

I don?t know everything, in fact I know very little. When I don?t understand, I?ll ask why. Everything is a progression, and I must understand before I can continue.

Goal #2 – Win

Winning is something I?ve always done. I?ve never been part of a losing team, and I?ve never lost in business. Winning is a by product of doing things right and by doing them hard. I will not constantly talk abut winning but instead I?ll focus on the things that will ultimately allow me to win. In most situations there is a right way and a wrong way to do something. I?ll do things the right way. The right way is not usually the easiest way, or the most comfortable way, or the quickest way. This is not a philosophy in bodybuilding but it is a philosophy for how to live life.

I?ll not only try to do things right, but I?ll do them hard. It?s not good enough to just get up at 4:15 AM seven days a week and just train and do cardio. The training and cardio will be done hard! Winning is never a result of half hearted effort or by going through the motions. I?ll attack each workout in the off-season with all of the energy and enthusiasm that I possess.

I?m committed to being the best that I can possibly be. The commitment will be radical, unwavering and for the long haul. This commitment will manifest itself into the actual daily investment of my time and energy. I?ll invest by training my body and mind everyday for 12 months in preparation for my next show. When I believe in what I have done, what I am doing, and the people with whom I am doing it with, I?ll develop a confidence that is unshakable. I’ll acquire an aura that breeds success. I?ll know that I?m going to win. I?ll know that I deserve to win. I?ll expect to win because everything that is necessary to win will have already happened. When I hit the stage it will become an explosive expression of the culmination of the commitment, the investment, and the belief!

Goal #3: Have Fun!

This has got to be all about having fun. I want to have fun and find joy in everything I do. It is very import to never lose sight of this. Doing things right and doing things hard can and should be fun. Perfect execution is rewarding and fun. Winning is fun.

?The cold wind will be blowing off the lake. It?ll be nasty, intense? and I?ll love it.? ? Jack Lambert.

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