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p>The mind is something that most people don’t really try to change. We look at it as something that was already programmed and given to us to use for our journey in life.

A lot of people pass off their thought processes as a part of their personality. They can’t help the way they are. They want to change but just can’t make the connection.

If this sounds like you then sit tight. I’m about to show you how you can do work on your subconscious to bring you the success you want.

Training The Subconscious

Training the subconscious to get in line with conscious thought does not involve any Jedi mind manipulation. It just requires a desire to change and a killer plan of action.

There are some rules you must live by in order to see this success. Start doing or following these now.

What Is Holding You Back?

1) What’s killing you? Decide on what needs to change. What about your subconscious is holding you back? The idea of success?

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Self worth? Lack of skills? What is your subconscious telling your conscious thought that you can’t do?

Pinpoint this specifically and make it known to your conscious. This would be considered the root of your issue. In your mind you just “know you can’t do it” but there is more to it than that. Why can’t you? What do you tell yourself to make you believe that you can’t?

Think of it like this…you have your subconscious which affects your conscious, which in return affects your move to action. If your subconscious speaks failure then your conscious stop receiving emails canadian pharmacy will believe in that failure therefore you will more than likely fail.

Make Note Of The Negative

2) Make note of the negative. Decide on what changes you’ll need to make regarding your subconscious. Lack of confidence, fear of failure, the “I can’t because”; what is your subconscious telling your conscious? This is what you’re going to have to put on blast. This is what need to change.

Once you have pinpointed what is holding you back, think about what is needed to bring about a positive change. For example: ”I can’t teach because I am not smart enough, or I don’t have a degree.” The opposite of that would be “I am smart enough and well equipped to do whatever my passion in life is. If that is teaching then I will start with what I know”.

This has to be your new way of thinking. Your negative nature will want to do the opposite because that is what is stained in your head. Break those negative subconscious beliefs.

Review Your New Thoughts Daily

3) Go over these new thoughts daily. You have to break the habit of your subconscious telling your conscious thought what to do. If losing 100 pounds over the course of a year is your goal, then you need to visualize this goal daily.

I don’t care how you do it, just recite your new thoughts and goals daily and as often as you need to. Write it down and read over it every morning. “I will lose 100lbs through eating and hard work over the next 10-12 months”.

Making your goal more then just a one time declaration will help keep you accountable and force your subconscious to take on this new thought. You will constantly be thinking about it and repeating it. This can work with non-fitness related goals as well….getting a raise, a promotion, growth in business etc.

The more you travel over these new paths the more change you are going to see. It’s not going to happen over night. You first need to 100% commit to the change and realize that there will be ups and downs.

The cool thing is, the more you go over these new positive tracks, the more your subconscious will believe them to be true – therefore your plan of action will be different. The steps you take will be driven by the fact that you know you will see success. You believe in yourself so much that it’s almost like you have already received whatever you’re striving for.

Embrace Failure

4) Embrace failure. So you messed up or missed your mark…big deal. What’s going to bring you success is getting back up, reevaluating why you failed, and going after it harder than ever.

It’s never the mess ups or failures that keep people from seeing what they want, it’s what they decide to cialis viagra combination do after they have fallen. Pick yourself back up.

Refocus your goals, make the necessary changes and go after it. There are two reasons why people fail:

Your goals were unreasonably difficult/unobtainable.
Due to some circumstance you quit.</p

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