Paulina Gretzky in Bikini from Grown Ups 2 Film Set

It looks like posting all those provocative photos finally paid off for Paulina Gretzky.

Wayne Gretzky’s 23-year-old model-singer daughter appears to have landed a role in “Grown Ups 2,” if her Twitter account is anything to go by.

“Fun day on set of Grown Ups 2 with @kimberlyalexish,” she tweeted yesterday, along with a photo of her and model Kimberly Alexis Howe looking bodacious in bikinis against a watery backdrop.

Neither of the women is listed in the cast (although another celebrity kid, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick, has landed a role) of the follow-up to Adam Sandler’s 2010 comedy, though Gretzky’s tweets suggested she was indeed acting in the film.

“Aw thank you!! xo” she wrote to one fan who said, “I saw you today filming grown ups 2, you are stunning!”

On Saturday, Gretzky uploaded a photo of her and Howe posing with “Grown Ups 2″ stars Milo Ventimiglia and Peter Dante at a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

This is not the blond beauty’s first foray into film. She recently had a small role opposite Gary Oldman in “Guns, Girls and Gambling,” and before that starred in the 2009 reboot of “Fame.”

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