Mark Wahlberg Flexes his Huge Bodybuilding Muscles

He was seen walking around the set showing off his fit physique over the weekend.

And today Mark Wahlberg flexed his bulging muscles whilst filming his upcoming movie Pain and Gain.

In fact the burly 40-year-old actor displayed some death-defying stunts in the Florida state.

Scaling a wall of a gym, the rapper-turned-actor bent backwards with the aid of a harness.

The fit star wore a pair of comfortable Adidas track pants and showed off his bulging biceps in a white vest.

In between takes Mark took some well deserved breaks, sitting in a director’s chair and enjoying a bite to eat.

At one point he was even spotted inspecting his well-honed upper arms.

The friendly star also had a laugh and chat with crew members who have been hard at work on the sprawling Florida set.

While he is happily married, Mark was also treated to some eye-candy, with a bevy of bikini-clad beauties spotted on set.

Mark stars alongside World Wrestling Entertainment’s buff Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in his upcoming movie Pain and Gain.

But he has had no problem with walking around on the same set as the sportsman showing off a muscular form of his own.

Mark’s body looked enviable to anyone who laid eyes on him, especially when as he took a stroll by his trailer a couple of days before.

He took the opportunity to lap up some sun in the South Beach area as he listened to music on headphones and despite his fetching get-up, all eyes were on his huge chest.

The toned star showed off his fit in a pair of salmon pink long shorts which reached below his knees as well as sandals and white socks.

Mark pairs up with Johnson for the flick about a couple of bodybuilders in Florida who get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.

Last month the Contraband star irritated plenty of film fans after saying he knew who would win what at the Oscars before divulging insider information.

He claimed that he had a friend at PricewaterhouseCoopers with inside Knowledge about the awards.

‘It’s not a matter of who I want to win, it’s who I know is going to win,’ Mark told the Huffington Post UK. ‘Because I’ve got a friend at PriceWaterhouse.’

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