LeBron James Workout Routine

The LeBron James Workout Routine: LeBron James shook the world of basketball when he jumped from dominating high school basketball gyms to becoming a franchise player in the NBA. He is now one of the most recognizable and popular superstars of the NBA and is known worldwide for his high flying thunderous dunks and his athleticism on the hard court. Aptly nicknamed “King James” his ability to get off the ground and to maintain such momentum is second to none in the history of basketball. Whilst LeBron James is blessed with a great deal of natural talent and ability, he works extremely hard to develop and maintain his strength, explosion and leaping ability.  In this post, we are going to go under the hood of the LeBron James Workout Routine to understand the components of the program and how you can follow suit and improve all facets of your athletic ability especially your vertical leap.

There is no doubt that King James already has natural talent and ability that greatly assist in his training.  But do not let his natural ability fool you into believing that you can’t achieve the same levels of athleticism.  You will find testimonials and many real life stories that accompany the components of the LeBron James Workout Routine that demonstrate how ordinary young men have improved their strength and conditioning and jumping ability ten fold.  How about adding 12-24 inches onto your vertical leap?  I’m here to tell you that you can and it’s all about knowing how and following through on all the exercises set out in the LeBron James Workout Routine.  So if you want to emulate King James and explode off the ground to grab above the rim boards or to thrown down in the middle of the lane, start paying attention now.

The LeBron James Workout Routine is predominantly formulated around the ability to get off the ground quickly and explode powerfully laterally and sideways.  So it comes as no surprise that the routine includes the activities listed below.

1. Intense quads and carves training using classic muscle-building exercises (but with a twist).  The LeBron James Workout Routine includes lots of squats.  Period.  And many of them are adjusted and not the traditional squat. For the NBA, the advanced squats are modified so that the stand is on a vibrating platform.  The idea is not to use maximum weights but to be able to complete the squat using good form whilst on a vibrating base.  This is a mixture of strength conditioning and plyometrics.  This ensures the creation of explosion and not just muscle mass (we are not trying to become body builders doing this component of the LeBron James Workout Routine).

2. To further improve vertical explosion, the LeBron James Workout Routine also focuses on different types of lunges and also barbell squats integrated with a jump at the peak of the squat.  So once you squat up, you jump and extend the barbell to the peak.  This combination will also build core muscles and the oblique’s.

Have you seen LeBron’s upper body?  When he was in high school it was like he was a man playing against boys. He continues to carry the routine into the NBA and for his height, he is physically very strong and this allows him to play multiple positions well (from 1 through to 4).  To achieve this:

3. The LeBron James Workout Routine integrates in lots of different types of push-ups and pull-ups. But not just your regular push-ups and pull-ups.  There are many twists and turns to go along with it and you can find the actual exercises in this program.  The aim of integrating in these exercises is to gain muscular strength but also improve your core strength.  NBA players can’t sacrifice their speed, agility and dexterity for obtaining muscle mass.

4. You will also find in the program many cable snatch exercises and use of rowing actions as well.  During the off season when LeBron needs to build more muscle, many of the exercises are supersetted and the reps are lowered.

Lastly, whether it’s the LeBron James Workout Routine or any workout routine for NBA players, cardio plays a vital role.  All athletes need to have good cardio to get up and down the court/field and for LeBron, this is no different.  He also needs to get up and down the court in a hurry, fill the lanes and ensure he is fit enough to play 48 minutes or even multiple over time games.

For the LeBron James Workout Routine, the centre pieces for cardio are the stationary bike and the rower.  There are so many programs that can be integrated in and this includes many spin routines and double movements as well.  During the off season camps, high altitude training is also factored in but if that is not available to you, then outdoor running up the nearest hill or mountain is your equivalent.  The LeBron James Workout Routine specifies run to last for at least 45 mins.  Otherwise the glucose in your blood will not be fully burnt and your lungs will not hit the wall in which they will understand they need to grow.  So in terms of cardio, the LeBron James Workout Routine is actually very basic and simple and any average Joe can do by himself without having to spend money to enroll in a fitness center

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