Kim Kardashian Diet and Workout Routine

The Kim Kardashian Diet: Is there anyone who doesn’t know who Kim Kardashian is? She is probably the most recognizable Kardashian from the hit reality show that stars their whole family. Just recently, she got engaged with her beau. Most women would die to have that voluptuous figure and to a degree, that is what has made this starlet famous. And have I mentioned her butt yet.  Well now I have.  She has one of the most talked about bottoms in the entertainment industry and I’m not sure if there couple be a Kim Kardashian gossip column without it. So the question is… Do you think that the Kim Kardashian Diet can get you her 36-29-37 measurements?  Read on to find out more.

Kim Kardashian is already blessed with beautiful features and she seems to have her curves in all the right places. However, she does not maintain that body without a proper dieting regime bundled in with a workout.  Now before you jump up and down in disappointment, what we can tell you is that her diet and workout program is one of the simplest and easiest programs around and they don’t even require that much time.  Surprised?  We were..

So we’re going to unveil what’s involved in the Kim Kardashian Workout as well as the Kim Kardashian Diet.  Both of these types of programs available in the marketplace and her two personal trainers and dietitian have really created a type of regime that is designed for today’s woman in mind (e.g. not the wafer thin supermodel look which is now seen as unhealthy in this day and age).

When you have tried all the known diets for women yet you still haven’t achieved the body you’ve always dreamed of, now could be the perfect time to try what we call the Kim Kardashian Diet. For quite some time now, the Kardashian sisters have been promoting their newest weight-loss supplement. However, if people would ask them how effective the supplement is, they would still tell you that for the supplement to work one still needs to follow a balanced diet.

The Kim Kardashian Diet isn’t really complicated. A typical day could go like this… It starts with a breakfast meal of peanut butter, banana, and protein veggie powder smoothie. During lunch, you will see her eating a Cobb salad with ranch dressing. She won’t be caught drinking iced tea without 5 packs of Equal. Kim still eats snacks – sugar cookies, a slice of apple plus 1 tablespoon peanut butter. For dinner, a piece of thinly-sliced pizza bread, grilled salmon with pesto sauce, 1 cup brown rice, and 2 cups broccoli.

You will find that the Kim Kardashian Diet can yield about 2, 600 calories, 120 grams fat, 220 grams carbohydrates, and 80 grams sugar. Though most of your so called “dietitian” friends would make you believe that this is on the high side, the truth is that it’s not.  Don’t pay attention to the nay sayers.  They are simply not as qualified as industry leading professionals who have helped thousands of people lose and maintain weight.

Furthermore, Kim says that to shed off the excess weight, she had to effect a few changes, she says, “I finally said enough with the junk food.” She also adds salads with grilled chicken or turkey burgers minus the bun in her Kim Kardashian Diet.  So if you want to want to stop doing the tough diets (which actually harm your body), start eating again and start living, then take the same type of Diet Solution Program that Kim did.

Apart from a dieting solution program like the Kim Kardashian Diet, Kim is also serious about getting into and staying in shape fitness-wise that she has recently worked out with Gunnar Peterson, who is also Jennifer Lopez’s trainer.  Watch the below video for some free tips and workouts you can use yourself.

As you can see… Kim also has to ensure that although she works out, she doesn’t do so at the detriment of loosing her main Hollywood asset, her beloved bottom.  So the type of exercises she does is not high impact or tough in nature.  They are exercises and routines you can do at home or at the gym using mats and some standard equipment (like medicine balls, dumbells etc).  Again, we were very surprised as we thought that Kim would need to do hours in the gym to keep that body considering she would have a propensity to “blow out” so to speak.

So to make a diet such as the Kim Kardashian Diet work effectively for you, you must also integrate in a similar workout regime.  Whether you want to tone your butt to get the famous Kardashian booty or just reshape your body make sure you get active. Do exercises that lift and tone the core including your butt, but focusing mainly on some strength conditioning training. The intense butt workout guarantees not only a nice butt; it will also help you fit into your favorite jeans in just a few weeks.

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