Branch Warren

Branch Warren was born in Tyler, TX on Feb. 28, 1975. When he was a high school freshman, Warren competed in the AAU Teenage Mr. America contest and won. He would sneak into the neighborhood gym to lift every single day. Thanks to good genetics and a willingness to succeed, no matter what, Branch Warren became one of the most well established bodybuilders in the world.

In 2001 he was launched into the pro ranks. He won the National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships and obtained his Pro card. He competed in the Arnold Classic for the first time in 2006, where he took 2nd place. Branch Warren shocked the world even more when he took 2nd place in the 2009 Olympia contest, behind legend Jay Cutler.

Branch Warren’s rakings are as follows:

  • NPC Teenage Nationals: 1993 – first and overall
  • National Bodybuilding & Fitness 1996 – 16th
  • NPC Junior National: 1999 – 4th
  • NPC USA: 2000 – first
  • NPC Nationals: 2001 -1st (earned his pro card)
  • Night of Champions: 2004 – eighth
  • Mr Olympia: 2005 – eighth
  • Charlotte Pro: 2005 – first
  • Europa Supershow: 2005 – first
  • Arnold Classic: 2006 – 2nd
  • Grand Prix Australia: 2006 – fifth
  • Mr. Olympia: 2007 – twelfth
  • Arnold Classic: 2007 – seventh
  • New York Pro: 2007 – first
  • Arnold Classic: 2008 – 4th
  • Arnold Classic: 2009 – third
  • Mr. Olympia: 2009 – 2nd
  • Arnold Classic: 2010 – third

Now, Branch Warren continues to push his physique to new levels. He has earned the respect of fellow competitors as well as fans. In addition to his competition awards, he has also won numerous publication awards, such as two “Most Musculars”.

Warren endorses supplements for MuscleTech and is regularly featured in magazines such as Muscular Development. He no longer has to sneak into the gym as he did when he was a teenager. Now, he spends much of his time at the MetroFlex Gym in Arlington, TX.

Here are some more details about Branch Warren:

  • Current residence: Bel-air, TX
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 5’7” (1.70 m)
  • Off season weight: 260 pounds
  • Competition weight: 250 pounds
  • Waist: 42”
  • Arms: 20”
  • Thighs: 30.5”


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