USPLabs Modern BCAA

Protein powders are awesome, but sometimes they could use some help.

For the best all around body building experience, youre going to need the building blocks of protein as well and those are amino acids. To help bodybuilders get the amino acids they need, USPLabs has manufactured Modern BCAA. This product is an 8:1:1 blend of Leucine:Isoleucine:Valine.

These branched chain amino acids provide the body with building blocks they need to build new proteins for muscle growth and tissue repair. Its not new for a product to offer these ingredients. Many powders have done it before. Is there anythings about Modern BCAA thats worth checking it out?
About USPLabs Modern BCAA

There are several decent selling points to Modern BCAA. One of these points is its micronized form. In this micronized form, Modern BCAAs contents are easily mixable in water and dont leave any film or residue.

Modern BCAA also contains an interesting L-Glutamine derivative called L-Alanyl-LGlutamine. This form of Glutamine offers the same anabolic properties as normal L-Glutamine (muscle preservation and protection), only it delivers twice as much Glutamine into the muscles as normal variants.
Will USPLabs Modern BCAA Work?

While BCAAs are essential to get the most out of bodybuilding, you can get them for a better price else where. A container of Modern BCAA costs around $27. Priced that high, stacking it with other products is going to get pretty expensive pretty fast.

The truth of the matter is that there plenty of supplements out there that contain the necessary branched chain amino acids along with a plethora of other ingredients and they dont cost that much more than USPLabs Modern BCAA.

After reviewing USPLabs Modern BCAA, we found that it will yield results. Its amino acid content is perfect for helping initiate protein synthesis and new muscle growth. Its Alanyl-L-Glutamine is also great for delivering more Glutamine into the muscles.

But these two benefits alone do not merit USPLabs Modern BCAAs price. We know that you can find similarly priced products that do everything USPLabs Modern BCAA does and more.

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