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Supplements can be a mystery. Add up all the different types of supplements, and possible supplement combinations, and it’s enough to send rocket scientists to the medicine cabinet for some aspirin.

So what should you take? What supplements are essentials, and the best buy for your hard-earned cash? Muscle & Strength has the answers for you. This article is a meta-analysis of the favorite supplements recommended by over 30 top pro natural bodybuilders, and fitness and figure athletes. This article contains no fluff. It contains only the top, must have supplements used by the best natural lifters in the world.

Every supplement listed on this page is a top choice by at least one pro. Supplements are listed according to popularity. Six supplements received multiple votes. Several supplements received a single vote. These supplements are listed at the end of the article. For more information on popular supplement categories, please visit the Muscle & Strength Supplement Store.
And The Winner Is…Protein Powder!

This should come as no big surprise…a vast majority of pro natural athletes list protein powder as their top supplement. Proper protein intake is the cornerstone for maximizing muscle growth. Trying to build muscle without eating enough daily protein is like trying to run a marathon with your shoes on the wrong feet.

The top protein powder choice of pro natural bodybuilders and athletes was whey protein. Several athletes simply listed their top supplement choice as protein powder, and one female figure competitor listed soy protein powder as her favorite supplement. The following athletes list protein powder as their must have supplement:

    Tim Martin
    Obi Obadike
    Tannis Miller

A Strong Second Place: Creatine

Creatine supplements land in second place, and for many good reasons. Natural athletes use creatine monohydrate and creatine ethyl ester (the two most popular forms of creatine) to increase performance, delay fatigue and to boost strength. Creatine also saturates muscle cells, adding muscle mass. There is no better muscle building supplement then creatine.

Some athletes listed specific creatine products – such as BSN Cellmass – as their favorite supplement. It should also be noted that creatine monohydrate edged out creatine ethyl ester as the number one creatine choice of the pros.

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