Rivalus PROMISAL is composed of several essential vitamins, beta-alanine, and several protein strands that have been microscopically filtered for their purity.

Taking PROMASIL daily is intended to foster more rapid recoveries from workouts, the growth and production of lean muscle, and a reduction in excess body fat.
About Rivalus PROMASIL

PROMASIL contains two ingredients we really like. One is whey protein hydrolysate while the other is calcium caseinate. Whey protein hydrolysate is protein that has already been partially broken down and digested so your body can absorb and put it to use more quickly and easily.

This protein can be converted into muscle withing just minutes. On the flip side, PROMASIL gives you calcium caseinate. This protein complex is designed to digest much more slowly. As it gradually breaks down, proteins are released and absorbed so the muscles have sustained access to them even hours after ingestion.
Will Rivalus PROMASIL Really Work?

As many of you may know, carbohydrates are great inclusion to any protein shake. Looking over the nutritional content, we noticed that Rivalus PROMISAL is completely devoid of carbs.

Carbohydrates are needed during exercise for their ability to break down and provide the body with energy and nutrients. Without it, your muscles wont grow as fast and recovery will take longer. Sadly, carbohydrates could have pushed this product to the next level.

Rivalus PROMASIL is a pretty good product which isnt a huge surprise. The bodybuilding supplement market is stuffed to the gills with pretty good products. The issue with PROMASIL isnt then if its good. The issue becomes, is it the best?

In your search for a protein shake you should really be searching for superior products. To be honest, PROMASIL falls into a lower category. By settling for supplements that barely cut it, you sell yourself short. So be good to yourself and find the best product you can before you go spending your money. There are better alternatives out there than PROMASIL.

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