OptiPro Protein

OptiPro Protein is an all natural formula available in both soy and whey protein variations. You also get flavors including strawberry, vanilla, cocoa, and vanilla caramel.

With OptiPro Protein, you could ideally support body fat reduction, cardiovascular health and blood sugar stabilization, and various other benefits. They claim that OptiPro Protein will give you a good source of fiber and various other named and unnamed benefits.

But the question is, does OptiPro Protein actually work?
About OptiPro Protein

OptiPro Protein has a high 27g of protein in each blend, and it also has flaxseed meal for more fiber. With OptiPro Protein, you get choices in flavor as well as your type of protein, and only about 124 calories.

OptiPro Protein has a good amount of carbs that will actually inhibit the ability of the body to really get to that protein, and its not as if it really matters all that much. OptiPro Protein only has extremely low quality proteins at best anyway. This basically means that your body cannot properly absorb these proteins.

So obviously, they are really not going to do you any good. With all of this in mind, OptiPro Protein does not have a lot of what it takes, and there are more problems to speak of than anything else with OptiPro Protein.

OptiPro Protein is not something that we would recommend. OptiPro Protein is just another waste of time and money. It does not actually have the right ingredient quality, meaning that you will not really get any benefits from these given ingredients.

And moreover, OptiPro Protein has way too many carbs for a good protein formula. So we would definitely recommend finding something else.

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