First off, Nitro-PEAK is not a nitric oxide booster. As you may have guessed, its a protein powder.

Blended from a mix of several proteins high in BCAAs, Nitro-PEAK has been developed to help the body build extra muscle, perform better in workouts, and recover faster afterward.

These results sound like everything thing youd want in a protein powder, but does Nitro-PEAK really have the components to provide these kind of benefits?
About Nitro-PEAK

From everything weve seen, Nitro-PEAK has a very solid formula. It has a perfect dose of 24 grams of protein per serving. Below 20 youll get too little to really build muscles and above 30 you get more than your body can use at anyone time. These 24 grams are composed of several different kinds of protein.

In every scoop Nitro-PEAK provides protein from whey concentrate, whey isolate, milk isolate, and micellar casein. These different types of protein are fraught with plenty of BCAAs and even glutamine.

BCAAs are crucial catalysts the body needs to trigger protein synthesis and muscle growth. Glutamine, on the other hand, acts as anti-catabolic by protecting new muscle tissue from degradation during and after strenuous exercise. Alone these ingredients are great but when used in conjunction with Aminogen, a protein digestive aid, their muscle-building properties are greatly enhanced.
Will Nitro-PEAK Really Work?

At a price of $35, you could probably find a product that costs less per serving than Nitro-PEAK. But with that being said, you could also do a lot worse.

With a solid blend of protein types and a healthy dose of Aminogen, Nitro-PEAK does a pretty good job at providing enough benefits to justify its cost. Its not the best deal out there but it will definitely help you see results.

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