Nitric Oxide Supplements is Used for 5 Reasons

Nitric oxide (NO) is an important signaling molecule that acts in many tissues to regulate a diverse range of physiological and cellular processes. It’s role was first discovered by several groups who were attempting to identify the agent

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responsible for promoting blood vessel relaxation and regulating vascular tone.

This agent was termed endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF), and was initially assumed to be a protein like most other signaling molecules. The discovery that EDRF was in fact nitric oxide – a highly reactive gas – has led to an explosion of interest in this field, resulted in over 60,000 papers published in the last ten years and won the Nobel prize in 1998.

Nitric oxide has now been demonstrated to play a role in a variety of biological processes including neurotransmission, immune defense, the regulation of cell death and cell motility.

Wondering if nitric oxide supplements will benefit you? Here are 5 reasons to take a nitric oxide supplement:
Nitric Oxide Provides An Energy Boost

To gain muscle you must train hard. Intense training sessions require an abundance of energy, yet we all have our days where we feel fatigued either prior to, or during our workouts. If fatigue is an issue, a nitric oxide supplement can help you.

Nitric oxide helps to deliver oxygen to hard working muscles. Because of this, you will not only be able to train deeper into sets, but also deeper into grueling workouts. Nitric oxide allows you to train longer and stronger, and in this sense, works as an energy booster.
Nitric Oxide Helps To Burn Fat

Everyone wants to keep bodyfat levels to a minimum. Whether you are trying to cut fat and hold on to muscle, or build muscle while minimizing fat gain, you want to keep your metabolism running as fast as possible. A nitric oxide supplement will help you in the battle against fat.

Not only does nitric oxide give you an energy boost, helping you to train longer and more effectively, but it also encourages the body to burn body fat as fuel. A study in the American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that 9 subjects supplementing with L-arginine (a nitric oxide precursor) had more glycerol and an increased concentration level of nonesterified fatty acids. These factors indicate a potential to burn more fat.
Nitric Oxide Helps You Recover Faster

Proper recovery is key to building muscle and maximizing athletic performance. When it comes to recovery, you will want all the help you can get. Life doesn’t always cooperate; stress and lack of proper sleep can impact how fast you bounce back during and after a workout.

Nitric oxide improves blood and oxygen flow to the muscles, allowing faster delivery of muscle repairing and fatigue reducing nutrients. Cells will be able to get what they want, when they need it. A nitric oxide supplement will assist you in bouncing back, and prep you for the next workout to come.

Nitric Oxide Pumps You Up!

There is nothing better then feeling jacked in the gym. You hammer out set after set, blasting a muscle beyond fatigue and into the growth zone. Yet many times, it’s hard to tell if the muscle group you are targeting is getting properly hit.

A nitric oxide supplement pumps you up! Nitric oxide contributes to mind blowing muscle pumps, providing confidence that you are properly blasting a muscle. Your muscles will feel full, swole, and ready to burst, motivating you to train harder and longer.
Nitric Oxide Helps You Gain Muscle

Think about this for a moment…if you are able to train longer, stronger, with more energy and motivation, and more focused, what will the result be? The answer is obvious! Faster gains.

Nitric oxide supplementation will directly (and indirectly) lead to increases in muscle mass and strength. Because you are able to train longer, you will train stronger. Because you are able to punish your body with greater weight and intensity, the result will be faster gains.

Nitric oxide products are some of the most popular supplements in the muscle and strength building industry. Why? Because they work, and work well. If you haven’t tried a nitric oxide supplement, now’s the time! It is recommended that you try several different products to see which is best for you.

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