MASS-TADON is a protein supplement that combines three forms of protein to infuse the body with the utmost in protein assimilation.
MASS-TADON Ingredients

Protein Blend: Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, and Lactoferrin. These varying forms of protein all absorb at different rates, making this product a great way to ensure ultimate protein assimilation.

Whey protein isolate is the fastest absorbing protein and so is great for immediate protein induction within the body. Whey protein concentrate absorbs at a regular speed, so ensures that the body is still using and utilizing its protein synthesis.

Calcium caseinate is a slow digesting protein and so is ideal for consumption between meals and at night when cortisol (which eats muscle tissue) levels are at their highest.

Carb Blend: Maltodextrin, Trehalose, and Inulin.

MASSTRIX Appetite Enhancing Matrix: Gynostemma, Astragalus, Bee pollen, Goji, Saw palmetto, and Ginger.
Astragalus is an adaptogenic herb that works on the grounds of aiding the body in a multitude of ways. Bee pollen helps increase energy levels. Goji also increases energy and is a great source of fiber and vitamin C.

Saw Palmetto is a natural testosterone boosting herb that has been used for centuries to aid in fertility in both men and women. Ginger is soothing on the digestive tract and also stimulates circulation throughout the body.

Enzyme Blend: Protease I, Protease II, Lactase, and Amylase: Enzymes are really important in the break down and digestion of proteins. The inclusion of these four in the blend strengthen the composition by a lot.

Others: MCT Oil, Sucralose, Soy Lecithin.

So while 50 grams of protein per serving may seem impressive, particularly for the multitude of kinds of protein and enzymes, along with a carb blend

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