How to build muscles fast, four fantastic answers

We all want to achieve the best the world has to offer in shortest possible time. Haven’t we heard “no gain without pain”!


When we begin our weightlifting training, we are often tempted to use steroids so that we can build muscles fast. But what we fail to realize the side effects and damages these powerful drugs could do to our body in the long run.


There is some good news for the newbies in the field of body building. It is indeed easier to grow your muscles faster during the initial days of training. This is because our body is extremely adaptable and adjusts itself to changing environment quite easily. Therefore during the initial days of weight training, your muscles will grow faster so as to accommodate the extra weight that you are lifting these days.


If you are tired at the sight of your skinny arms hanging out of your sleeves like hockey sticks, then here is some handy advice on how to build muscles fast to help you develop a muscular body:


Eat right to bring muscles in sight:- We may wish and we may wait for the miracle to happen but the truth is there is no shortcut to building muscles. However by eating right kind of food you can surely speed up your muscle building process.

Start by eliminating junk food from your diet if you are indeed serious about developing muscles real fast. Have a high protein diet made up of chicken, pork, legumes and eggs. You also need to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet which are rich sources of fibers and antioxidants. These high fiber foods will help in flushing out toxins from your body and also improve your bowl movements thereby making your body healthier.

Including right carbohydrates is also essential as these food groups are building blocks and helps in repairing muscles damaged during workouts.

Taking nutritional supplements is for your betterment:- While working out you need to provide your body with additional supplements in order to develop lean muscle mass. Start snacking on protein bars and have whey protein shakes after a workout session to provide your body with extra protein and also to repair torn muscles.

High workout intensity will make you happy:- Muscles cannot be built by just eating right or by popping in nutritional supplements. Workout is equally important if you want to build muscle fast. A high intensity workout under the supervision of an expert trainer 3-5 times in a week will see you develop strong shoulders, biceps and triceps.

If you cannot afford the expensive membership of a gym, just browse through internet and find some muscle building workouts that could be performed at home using basic equipments. Squats, crunches, pushups and pull ups are some of the great body weight exercises that can be done at home to build muscles.

Sufficient rest will make you the best:- overstraining your muscles could actually prove to be counterproductive. Give sufficient time to your muscles to heal and recover after a workout and see them grow by leaps and bounds.

We hope you now have an insight about how our body works. So throw away that bottle of steroids and follow above guidelines to build muscles fast. All the best for your body building journey!

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