In vegetarian meal plan with 1500 calorie

Following a 1500 calorie vegetarian meal plan will help you lose approximately one pound every week. The 1500 calorie vegetarian meal plan is suitable for women, while men may find this plan a bit too restrictive. In fact, very active woman may have to add a couple of vegetable and grain servings to the 1500 calorie vegetarian diet menu so as to be able to attain their daily dietary requirements. It is important that vegetarians get sufficient nutrition by following this 1500 calorie meal plan for vegetarian. They need to make sure they get iron, vitamin B12, and other essential vitamins, which may be easily acquired from animal products.


A 1500 calorie vegetarian meal plan for women should include three servings of fruits, six servings of grains, three servings of vegetables, two to three servings of milk and dairy products, and six protein ounces.

If yours is a 1500 calorie vegan menu, then try substituting soy, rice or almond milk for dairy. Your protein requirements could be got from seeds, nuts, eggs and milk. As compared to omnivores, vegetarians tend to be at a greater risk for calcium, zinc, B12 and iron deficiencies, but making some smart choices can help them meet their needs.


Vegetarians are able to meet their iron requirement by eating spinach, molasses, turnip greens, apricots, raisins, breads made of whole wheat, and black-eyed peas.

Vegetarians could attain their calcium needs by consuming yoghurt and low fat milk and cheese. As part of their 1500 calorie vegan meal plan, vegans can meet their calcium requirement from fruit juices (calcium-fortified), soy products, and green leafy vegetables. Zinc sources include foods such as pumpkin seeds, kidney beans, and wheat germ.


Here’s a typical 1500 calorie vegetarian meal plan you can try out.



Soymilk – 1 cup
Fortified oat meal – 0.5 cup
Blueberries – 1 cup

Baby Carrots – 8
Natural Peanut butter – 2 tbsp
Strawberry jelly – 1 tbsp
Whole wheat bread – 2 slices
Soymilk – 1 cup
Snack 1:

Medium apple – 1
Snack 2:

Low fat & low sodium cottage cheese – 0.5 cup
Diced tomatoes 0.5 cup

Red beans – 0.5 cup
W/garlic powder – 1tbsp
Celery – 1 tbsp
Parsley – 1 tbsp
Cumin – 1 tbsp
Brown rice- 0.5 cup
Grilled Vegetables
Squash -0.33
Broccoli – 0.33
Red peppers – 0.33
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
Black pepper – 0.5 tsp

Most diet plans can be tailored to suit the needs of those who are vegetarians.

Once a good 1500 calories non-vegetarian meal plan is found, all you need to do is substitute it with vegetarian options. You, however, need to make sure you are getting the right nutrition as many substitutions may be low in calories. If, for example, you substitute hamburger meat with kidney beans or ground soy, you would lose about 50 – 100 cal per helping.

Planning a meal is very important, especially in the case of vegetarians who want to reduce their weight. Dieting vegetarians will find it easy to stick to a 1500-calorie-per-day diet plan if they prepare ready to go meals and snacks at home. If you are looking for variety you could try the 1500 calorie Indian vegetarian meal plan instead. The key to losing weight is finding a diet plan that works for you. One main ingredient for meal plan to succeed is consistency. Make sure you do not skip meals and consume small four to six meals per day instead of three large meals. This will prevent you from binge eating and also ensure that your metabolic rate is at an optimal rate.

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