5 Recipes Cooking With Chia Seed

1 / Chocolate Chia Protein Pancake
These pancakes are dense, hearty, and full of chocolaty goodness. They’re great as a post-workout meal or as a filling breakfast before an intense morning workout!

1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
1/2 cup oats
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp flaxseeds
2 tbsp pumpkin puree
1/4 cup almond milk
4 egg whites
1 tsp Stevia
Blend all ingredients.
In a greased, pre-heated pan, pour batter into small circles.
Cook for two minutes each side or until lightly browned.
Top with berries and sugar-free maple syrup. If you’re feeling indulgent, smear with your favorite nut butter!

2 / Chocolate Cherry Bomb
There are those times when ice cream is the only dessert that sounds satisfying This frozen treat is just as good (if not better) than the real thing!

1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen dark cherries
1 scoop chocolate whey
1/3 cup almond milk
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp cocoa powder
Dash of cinnamon
Put all ingredients in a blender.
Let ingredients sit in the blender for 5 minutes so the chia seeds can begin to gel and thicken.
Blend until you reach a thick, ice cream-like consistency.

3 / Overnight Chia Oats
Old-fashioned oats are a breakfast staple for most fit-minded people. This slow-digesting, fiber-rich carb is perfect for the morning meal. This no-cook recipe is perfect for those rushed mornings. When you combine the power of chia seeds with protein-rich Greek yogurt, you get one filling and nutritionally-dense breakfast!

1/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats (not steel cut or instant)
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp Stevia and a dash of cinnamon
1/4 cup blueberries
Add all ingredients except the blueberries to a jar or container with a lid (I use my magic bullet cup and lid).
Put lid on top and shake well.
Remove lid and add blueberries.
Replace lid and pop container in the fridge. Leave it overnight.
Eat chilled the next morning.

4 / Green Chia Protein Smoothie
My go-to protein shake almost always consists of a big handful of spinach, blueberries, and flaxseed. For this recipe, I replaced the flaxseed with chia seeds and swapped the blueberries for a banana! The banana and chia seeds add a thick consistency to this green goodness.

1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
1 tsp Stevia and a dash of cinnamon
Add all ingredients to a blender.
Blend and enjoy!

5 / No-Bake Chocolate Chia Peanut Butter Balls
I know I am not the only one who gets the occasional craving for that amazing combo of chocolate and peanut butter. These little gems are guilt-free, rich, and satisfying!

1/4 cup Stevia
1/4 cup Stevia brown sugar blend
1/4 cup peanut butter, almond butter, or PB2
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp chia seeds
Small handful of dark chocolate chips or carob chips
2 tbsp oat flour
Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Form mixture into small, golf-ball sized balls.
Put balls on a plate, cover, and put in the fridge.


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