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Everyone wants their “big day” to be absolutely perfect and blushing brides-to-be have so much to worry about as the wedding date approaches. Planning the perfect wedding is a tedious job that takes weeks or even months. The stress and anxiety often lead to episodes of nervous eating.

Many soon-to-be brides then go on fad diets, to maintain their shape or perhaps lose weight.


Unfortunately, these diets are not always effective in helping brides fit into the wedding dress they desire. This is probably why some women take drastic steps to lose weight, just before their wedding day.

The New York Times recently published a report on a new weight loss eating plan known as the K-E Diet – A Bride’s Last Recourse to Lose Weight.


What is the K-E Diet?


The K-E diet or the Ketogenic Enternal Nutrition diet can be described as a non-eating plan for rapid weight loss. It can also be rechristened as the ‘feeding tube diet’, as it requires the weight watcher to wear a feeding tube in the nose for around 10 days, while she goes about her regular activities.


If you decide to follow the K-E diet, you can eat absolutely nothing for 10 days. Don’t worry! Your body will get around 800 calories each day, through the feeding tube in your nose.


While on this diet, all you have to do is wear the tube and stay away from food. Your body is given a constant and slow drip of protein and fat, mixed with water, which totals 800 calories each day. Your body gets zero carbs for the 10 days that you are on the diet. The body fat is burned off in a process known as ketosis, leaving your muscles intact.


According to the advocates of this plan, the best part about K-E diet is that your appetite and hunger vanish within a few hours and you will not feel hungry at all for the next 10 days. Doesn’t that sound absolutely amazing?


Of course, having a tube fit into your nose for feeding purposes isn’t the most pleasant or comfortable experience. In fact, it needs to be medically assisted, so you will need to consult a doctor who specializes in the K-E diet if you are interested in this weight loss plan.


Dr. Oliver R. Di Pietro of Bay Harbor Islands, Florida has been offering the K-E diet since July 2011 and he is probably the only known doctor in the US to offer this diet plan. He admits that while this weight loss plan is mostly popular with brides, there are other people too who are willing to walk around with a feeding tube in their nose for 10 days, just to get thinner. Interestingly, he claims that this diet has been followed in European countries like Spain and Italy, for years.


Weight watchers who have followed this diet admit to a lack of appetite for 10 days, which makes it easy for them to shed the extra pounds. However, they also claim that making emotional adjustments to the procedure is not an easy task.


There are side effects associated with most fad diets and a K-E plan is no different. After a couple of days into the diet you may notice symptoms like:

Lack of energy
Bad breath

Moreover, the feeding tubes could damage your esophagus and nasal passage.


Another point to consider is that these fad diets may help you lose weight rapidly, but most of them are not very effective in helping you keep the weight off. You cannot follow a fad diet forever, and once you resume your normal (or near-normal) eating habits, you are likely to regain all the lost weight.


Before you decide to go on any crash diet, it is absolutely essential for you to consult your physician and get his/her approval.

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