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Dr. T. Colin Campbell is one of the directors of the China Project, a project worked on jointly on by Cornell University, Oxford University, and Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine over the course of twenty years, involving 2,400 counties and 880,000 people. He originally had started a study to determine why Filipino children had liver cancer, a disease usually limited to adults. He determined that it may have to do with the amount of meat in a person’s diet. That conclusion did hold, and they found that the more meat in someone’s diet the more likely that person had some major disease. Conversely, the more that proteins were gained from plants instead, the less likely the person had a major disease. The study is also critical of low-carb diets, as well as the way that nutritional information was spread.

What to Eat

The book has a definite preference for vegetarianism. Specifics are still up to the individual.

The Good

Someone went to a lot of work, and it shows. This is definitely one of the biggest studies made in recent years. Lots of very respectable institutions behind the study as well, which gives the study a professional feel.

The Bad

Two issues: The “2/3 obese” statistic has gone the way of the urban legend (the figure was based on BMI, and it didn’t separate those that were obese versus those that were overly muscular). The “pro-vegan” push seems a little forced at times, especially when it’s repeatedly mentioned as the all-in-one solution to most obesity problems.


Exercise is not covered in the study.


The book cost $16.95

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