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The Fast-5 Diet will immediately jump out at most dieters due to its odd name. This diet, created by medical doctor Bert Herring, is an unusual diet that prides itself in being inexpensive and easy. Most people indeed like the idea of inexpensive and easy. The diet can be summed up rather quickly on one level in that it is a form of intermittent fasting. The Fast-5 diet has dieters fast for nineteen hours total. This nineteen hours includes sleep. After the nineteen hours of fasting is complete, dieters then have five hours where they can eat as much as they want. Look out buffets! (Well, no, that might be violating the spirit of the idea.)

The Good

Dr. Herring has an impressive medical background. He has been a medical officer in the U.S. Navy, and he has worked for the Public Health Services where he did research at the National Cancer Institute. In short, its not a bad idea to listen to what this doctor has to say.

One has to like Herring's approach, which steers dieters away from using any kind of drugs or gimmicks. His diet concept is designed around the idea that the diet should be easy and inexpensive. In fact, the book can even be downloaded for free off of his website. Herring has a non-profit set up around the diet, which really shows that Dr. Herring believes in what he is doing and truly wants to help people lose weight. This is a great book, pure and simple. It's an easy read that gets the point and should help any dieter that reads it.

The Bad

It could be tough following a diet created by a guy whose last name, Herring, will constantly remind you of food.


While the book can be downloaded for free from Dr. Herring's website, it can also be purchased on several websites, such as Amazon, for around $10. Dr. Herring has also set up a donate button on his page for those who download the book directly.

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