Daily Diet Chart

The advantage of a scientific and quantitative regulation of your diet is that you can easily track your weight loss/gain within a particular time period. A daily diet plan is a scientific tool which helps you monitor your weight and meals over a particular period of time. Diet charts provide useful guidelines for determining the right balance between the types of food and the number of calories that you should consume in day.

The quantity and type of food depends on a person’s body, health, and the presence of any conditions that may necessitate a specific diet. The basic information required before you make a diet chart is sex, height, weight, and BMI (Body Mass Index).

This chart helps you to understand important dietary criteria such as how much protein your body needs and how much should be fat intake. Likewise you can plan what food will be suitable for a particular person.

The extra calorie that your body consumes is turned into fat, so a diet chart helps you define your daily calorie intake.

A daily diet chart is a useful guide when you want to plan your diet. The advantages of a daily diet chart include:

It is an easy to use and self-explanatory.
It indicates the amount of food to be consumed and when it is to be consumed.
It also indicates foods to be avoided and foods that should be eaten in moderation.
It provides you with healthy substitutes for all your favorite daily food items. This helps break the monotony and experiment with different kinds of foods with similar nutritive benefits.
It helps you maintain a record of your intake of food.
A diet chart basically includes a variety of foods from all the major food groups.

This helps avoid any nutritional deficiency. It enables you to follow a balanced diet every day in defined amount that help you maintain your body. Some other benefits of a diet chart are:

It helps you maintain discipline in your diet and prevents you from overindulging or nutritional deficiencies.
It helps you re-examine your daily intake and compare it to the recommended diet, so that you can identify any changes that need to be made to your diet in order to make it more nutritious.

A customized weight chart helps you track your weight over a period of time.
You can monitor your calorie intake and keep track of your weight loss goals.
You can visually track your weight loss/gain and this helps you stay motivated.
A diet chart should always be prepared by a certified dietician or a physician.

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