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Crevax Review:

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Crevax is a Swiss herbal fat burner. Apparent, it has 7 natural ingredients that can burn off 7 pounds in just 6 days. In fact, this product promises that dieters can lose 37 pounds a month. The pill is supposed to work to suppress your appetite, burn fat, elevate your mood and block fat.

What to Eat

The ingredients that are in Crevax include hoodia, green tea, jiagulan, red sage, wolfberry fruit, bao shao and taurine.

The Good

Crevax certainly makes bold claims. However, their product is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The site has a chart that compares Crevax to its competitors which they list as Alli, Ephedra, TrimSpa and Phentermine. The chart shows that Crevax is the only product that can burn fat, suppress appetite, boost health, and that is proven by research and proven to be safe. They also boast that they are the only diet pill of the ones listed above which contains 100% authentic hoodia.

The website has a long list of testimonials and success stories. However, one always has to wonder how true these stories actually are!

However, on the positive side, Crevax was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Also some of the ingredients are used to fight depression, so the use of Crevax may also improve your mood.

The Bad

The price of this diet pill is a bit high. Spending $70 for a 50 day supply may be out of some dieter's price range. Also this product is not FDA approved and does contain caffeine. As many people who have taken diet pills know, caffeine in pills can cause side effects like insomnia, nausea and racing heart.


No exercise is mentioned in correlation with Crevax.


One bottle of Crevax is $70. However, the price goes down if you order multiple bottles. For example, a 150 day supple is $165 for three bottles.

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