Carb Rotation Diet

The Carb Rotation Diet program is rated 3/5

Carb Rotation Diet Review:


This diet is actually a series of phases, with each phase building on the success of the others. The first is to raise metabolism by increasing muscle mass with limited fat gain. The second phase loses fat while limiting muscle and metabolism loss. The third phase again kicks up metabolism by building muscle. By combining these three phases, the dieter is able to maximize weight loss and muscle gain.

What to Eat

Which foods are best depends on the phase. Throughout, healthy foods are must, and so anything (including alcohol) that isn’t healthy is stricken from the diet. Also, be prepared to drink a lot of water due to exercise. During the first phase, more calories must be eaten in order due to the gain in muscle mass. During the second phase, you will start at a base caloric intake, increase it over the next two days, and then decrease it back down over the next two days; depending on training, the variance can be as much as 200-500 calories different from the average. Afterwards, caloric intake should return back to normal.

The Good

This diet is great for an athlete or anyone seeking a leaner, more muscular body, as the fat is burned away replacing it with muscle.

The Bad

For everyone else, this is a bad idea. The dieter doesn’t learn long-term maintenance, bad body image issues are reinforced, and the person is left with a high metabolism requiring more food to maintain itself.


Intense exercise is a major part of this diet.


Information on this diet is free, assuming an internet connection. Protein shakes are a big part of this diet.

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