The Calotren program is rated 1/5

Calotren Review:


There are many weight loss supplements on the market that claim to perform all sorts of minor miracles. Impressive claims need to be backed up with impressive proof and studies. The question is does Calotren back up its claims with proof? Calotren is a weight loss supplement that is based upon protein. The idea is that Calotren boosts your body's metabolism using your body's lean muscle mass to burn off excess fat. Calotren does not contain any stimulants like ephedrine. In fact, Calotren is made from collagen.

The Good

Determining whether or not Calotren is effective is not an easy task. There is very little information about overall effectiveness of the product, and there is little science to attest to the claims made concerning the product. One positive about Calotren is that the ingredient list is easy to find. Overall, the product does seem to live up to its claim that it is a natural product. There are no strange chemicals in the formula, and this fact alone is most definitely a plus.

The Bad

While collagen does appear to be the main component in Colotren, the ingredients list repeatedly lists the word “bovine” as in cow. For vegans and vegetarians, this is obviously an issue. The bottom line is that the product makes many claims about what it can do, but fails to offer concrete and hard-hitting science to back up these claims. While there does not appear to be anything in this product that seems harmful, the lack of any evidence concerning the effectiveness of the product is a cause for concern. Colotren might be the best product since sliced bread, but the high price tag per bottle and lack of clinical studies supporting its claims make Colotren less than desirable.


Expect to pay about $50-$60 per bottle.

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