The CalorieKing program is rated 4/5

CalorieKing Review:


CalorieKing is the ultimate calorie counter tool, a website that allows you to take advantage of all types of programs, journals and counters. Aside from being able to search the food database for information on specific foods, you can also buy PC and Mac software, receive 24/7 support and access lots of articles on food and nutrition.

What to Eat

There are no specific foods or menu plans to follow. Instead, the concept behind CalorieKing is that you can decide whether to eat something or not based on the information available on the site regarding calorie and fat content. There are, however, lots of recipes available that are guaranteed healthy and well-balanced, including appetizers, dips, holiday recipes, vegetarian options, high-protein menus and even recipe makeovers. The lunch box, featuring foods you can take with you, is especially useful.

The Good

Lots of support. Tools are easy to use and provide options for those on the go (calorie counters can be downloaded to Palm Pilots, for example).

The Bad

You can only get exercise guidance if you pay extra. You don’t get specific menus, so you are left to plan meals on your own.


There is an optional exercise manager available, which lets you plan your workouts and calculate how many calories you are burning and how that impacts your caloric intake. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, you can read fitness and exercise articles on the website, but there is no specific routine suggested.


$55 for a year subscription to the website. Downloads, books and other tools are available at an extra charge,

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