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The Calorie Tracker By Livestrong program is rated 4/5

Calorie Tracker By Livestrong Review:

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When you name your company “Livestrong,” you have definitely put a little pressure on your own back. The question is now whether or not Calorie Tracker by Livestrong can live up to the company's ambitious name.

Here is what you should realize right off the bat; Calorie Tracker costs $2.99 for your Blackberry or iPhone. You should know that there are options, such as FatSecret's Calorie Counter, that is essentially free. Calorie Tracker does a nice job and has a good deal of functionality, but it is also not free. We all know that free is pretty darn hard to compete with!

What to Eat

Calorie Tracker has over half a million foods logged into its system, meaning that you are likely to find information on whatever it is you are eating.

The Good

With over half a million foods logged into the Calorie Tracker software, you are assured a decent level of functionality. Moreover, the software allows you to see information of fat, cholesterol, sugar and carbohydrates within a given food. This is a lot of information to have at one's fingertips and a point in Calorie Trackers' favor. Additionally ,the Calorie Tracker has a nice and pleasant interface that will please most users.

The Bad

There is really nothing wrong with Calorie Tracker. The only real problem is that you may simply wish to explore a little and find a free program that can do most of what the Calorie Tracker can do. Yet, there is something to be said for the low price and the quality interface of the Calorie Tracker


The Calorie Tracker will let you evaluate over 2,000 fitness items to learn how many calories you will burn if you use them for a given amount of time.



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