8 Zone

The 8 Zone program is rated 2/5

8 Zone Review:


8 Zone is a diet supplement which is considered a 24- hour 3 step weight loss system. The founder and owner is Apolo Anton Ohno, and 8 time Olympic champion, who is plastered all over the company website.

8 Zone diet pills are divided into a 3 step system. Step 1 is “Aggressive” to increase metabolism and for thermogenic fat burning. Step 2 is “Subtle” for “nutritional replenishment” and for oxidative stress and Step 3 is “Downtime” for rest and recovery. The 3 steps are also referred to as the Red Zone, White Zone and Blue Zone.

What to Eat

The supplements are taken 3 times a day. The Red Zone are taken in the morning, the White Zone are taken after work and the Blue Zone right before bed. Each bottle offers 60 capsules. This diet pill does not give any instructions about what to eat on the program.

The Good

The formula is gluten free and contains no artificial ingredients. It is also suitable for vegans. The website offers a 30-day trial. If you don’t like 8 Zone after 30 days, you can get your money back.

The Bad

8 Zone apparently makes people red and itchy as there are several questions dedicated towards itchiness in the Frequently Asked Questions section. The website claims that this issue is due to the large doses of niacin.

Also many dieters will find the price point of 8 Zone to be too high. If you are open to spending yet more money, 8 Zone also offers other supplements as well, for example, a Bone and Joint Formula, Focus Formula and Sleep Aid.

Another negative aspect to 8 Zone is that even though the spokesperson is an Olympic champion, there is no exercise program involved. Also some ingredients may have questionable side effects. For example, bitter orange is considered to be an alternative to ephedra.


There is no exercise plan to accompany diet.


A 30 day supple of 8 Zone is $100

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