After drinking- shakes

Shakes after indulgences of any kind tend to be very disconcerting. Shaking happens due to alcohol or stimulant withdrawal. Such shakes usually occur after a night of drinking alcohol or drinking too much coffee. Alcohol and coffee have stimulants which can make you alert if taken in small quantities. But when you drink more than you should, your body gets shakes after drinking as a way to indicate that you have consumed more than you should have.

Even days after drinking too much coffee can cause such shakes. Coffee is also a stimulant which can be bad for the body in excess.


Shakes after a night of drinking include involuntary shaking of the limbs, inability to hold objects like pens, glasses and other small objects. Sometimes shakes after drinking can also include involuntary dribbling.

Shakes are part of the various symptoms of a hangover. If the shaking is acute and recurrent, it might be a case of alcoholism and you might need treatment at a de-addiction center. Shakes usually happen when you regularly consume alcohol and have hangovers.

People who drink once in a way usually do not have such acute symptoms of excesses.


Sometimes the shakes and shaking can occur due to a drop in blood sugar as alcohol tends to cause a drop in blood sugar. If you wake up the next morning with other hangover symptoms along with shaking, you could try having a small fruit along with the other hangover cures.


Symptoms & Cure


The best cure for a hangover, which will stop all symptoms, is to drink plenty of water. Alcohol tends to dehydrate so the first thing you need to do is drink lots of water.

There are different homemade remedies for hangover and most include eating something easily digested. Soft boiled eggs or soft scramble of eggs with toast is usually a good breakfast after a night of drinking. Bland food like plain toast, bread sticks or crackers, all can slowly raise your blood sugar and make you feel better. You might find yourself faced with nausea, occasional vomiting, headaches and a cottony mouth feeling. All of these are usually symptoms of excess alcohol consumption. After 24 hours, if these symptoms are still prevalent, especially the shaking, then it is time to visit a doctor.

After a night of indulgence and waking up to the shakes, it is also important to eat a little, drink lots of water and go to sleep. Rest also helps your body muscles gain their strength again.

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