Interview With Big & Shredded Ali Bendary

      What do you love most about bodybuilding?

What attracts me the most about bodybuilding is challenging yourself. Being committed to a workout and nutrition plan and seeing your goals become reality. For me it’s like going to the gym to give away all the negative feelings with each rep, and getting that satisfaction once you are done with your workout.
What are your future goals, dreams and plans?

I will keep going with my plans looking forward. Next year I hope I will be competing at “Model Europe 2013.”

Ali Bendary
What does your current training and split look like, and what do you like most about it?

    Day 1 – Chest
    Day 2 – Back
    Day 3 – Biceps and Triceps
    Day 4 – Cardio, Abs and Obliques
    Day 5 – Shoulders and Traps
    Day 6 – Legs
    Day 7 – Rest

Day 1
Exercise     Sets     Reps
Bench Press     4     10
Dumbbell Bench Press     3     12, 10, 8
Incline Bench Press     4     10
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press     3     12, 10, 8
Decline Bench Press     4     10
Chest Dip     3     12
Dumbbell Flye     3     10
Incline Dumbbell Flye     3     10
Dumbbell Pullover – Drop Set     3     12, 10, 8
Day 2
Exercise     Sets     Reps
Bent Over Row     3     12, 10, 8
Wide Grip Lat Pull Down     3     10
Seated Cable Row     3     10
One Arm Dumbbell Row     3     10
Incline Bench Row to Chest     3     10
T Bar Row     3     10
V Bar Pull Down     3     10
Wide Grip Pull Up     3     10
Deadlift     4     10
Day 3
Biceps and Triceps
Exercise     Sets     Reps
Barbell Curl     4     10
Incline Dumbbell Curl     3     12, 10, 8
Overhead Cable Curl     3     10
Incline Bench Barbell Curl     3     10
Hammer Curl     3     10
EZ Bar Curl     4     10
Close Grip Bench Press     3     10
Weighted Bench Dip     3     10
One Arm Dumbbell Extension     3     10
Reverse Tricep Cable Push Downs     3     10
Wrist Curl Over Bench     4     10
Seated Dumbbell Curl     4     10
Barbell Behind the Back Wrist Curl     4     10
Day 5
Shoulders and Traps
Exercise     Sets     Reps
Military Press     4     10
Barbell Press Behind the Neck     4     10
Seated Dumbbell Press     4     10
Dumbbell Lying Raise     3     10
Dumbbell Upright Row     3     10
Front Incline Dumbbell Raise     3     10
Iron Cross     3     10
Seated Arnold Press     4     10
EZ Bar Upright Row     4     10
Barbell Shrug     4     10
Day 6
Exercise     Sets     Reps
Squat     8     10
Barbell Lunge     3     10
Barbell Step Up     3     10
Single Leg Press     3     10
Ankle Circles with Dumbbell     3     10
Leg Press Calf Raise     3     10
Seated Calf Raise     3     10
Leg Curl     3     10
Open Palm Dumbbell Clean     3     10
Leg Dumbbell Lift     3     10
Ali BendaryWhat are some of your best training tips for someone who wants to get ripped?

Training is just 2 hours so it’s all about the rest 22 hours. You can easily get big with huge biceps but maybe you won’t feel comfortable enough to take your shirt off. So train well, eat clean and sleep good. This is the way to get in shape alongside good supplementation and vitamins.

All those fitness models you want to look like were normal once, just like you are now…so what are you waiting for?
What are your best tips for getting ripped and shredded abs?

Some people complain about doing a lot of abs reps with no results. Well most likely your abs are just hiding under your body fat. The secret key for abs is your diet plan. Avoid trans fat, soda, sugar and sodium. Hit your abs no more than every other day and do cardio on the other days.

Here is my abs workout routine:

    Lower Abs: Seated flat bench legs pull up with weights: 10 x 50 reps drop set (example: dumbbell 20 kgs between your legs for 20 reps, then dumbbell 15 kgs for 15 reps, then dumbbell 10 kgs for 15 reps – that a one set).
    Upper Abs: Decline reverse crunch with weights: 10 x 50 reps (half motion).
    Free Weights Mixed Abs: Cable crunch: 2 x 50.
    Airbike: 2 x 50.
    Hanging leg raises: 2 x 50.
    Side bridge: 2 x 50.

Here is my HIT cardio:

    5 laps sprinting with your max. Speed (no more than one minute rest in between).
    15 minutes on bike.

Ali Bendary
What advanced training techniques work well for you?

Always like to surprise my body. Supersets are good to add every other workout, to surprise the body and put some strength on.
What does your post-workout nutrition and supplementation look like?

    1 scope whey protein stacked with glutamine.
    10 tabs amino.
    Half grilled chicken.
    1-2 yams.
    1 apple.

Ali BendaryWhat does your cutting (eating) plan look like?

    Meal 1: 1/2 cup of oatmeal + 5 egg whites.
    Meal 2: 1 tuna + 1 yam + 1 apple + 1 banana sometimes (pre-workout).
    Meal 3: 1 scope Pro Complex Whey + half grilled chicken + 1 yam + 1 apple.
    Meal 4: 1 tuna + salad + fruits.
    Meal 5: Cottage cheese or egg whites with mushroom + 5 egg whites.

What are some of your favorite supplements and why?

    Pro Complex Whey
    Vitamin C

Help to gain lean muscle and speed recovery, since they are good sources of protein, vitamins and oils.
If you could be one athlete or person for a day, who would it be and why?

Steve Cook. He’s simply a beast. That great shape with that mass muscle is not an easy combination.

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