Interview Of Trainer & Fitness Model Rasma Davis

What is your athletic background, and how did you get involved with fitness?

At the age of six I started ballroom dancing in my small home town in Lithuania. I competed for over 10 years and was considered the best in my age group. When I turned 18 I move to America to peruse a better opportunity in education and for my career. Not finding much luck finding schools or classes at my competitive level I decided to put my energy towards my workouts in the gym.

Rasma Davis

I had always admired the female fitness competitor and made the effort to research and educate myself in the corrective format of fitness training and health and wellness. I then obtain my certification through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and began training clients and working with others in continuing my education.

I also began to work with brands, sponsors and entertainers representing their brand marketing and media advertising. I think what I like least is the down time. I like keeping busy and being involved in the

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process, it’s very interesting.
Rasma DavisWhat keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is recognizing you only have one life to live and one shot at a given opportunity. Taken care of my body, mind and spirit is important to me. I have seen abrupt changes in others life from health and sudden death to procrastinating and missed opportunity. My motivation is seeing the results of hard work and the progression in my career.
What are your future goals, dreams and plans?

My future goals are work with other talented professionals and learn as much as possible to get me closer to realizing my dreams. I plan to continue my education in health and wellness; continue to work with sponsors and entertainers representing their brands and develop my own media outlet showcasing daily fitness routines, athletic glamour in photography and creating my own brand for marketing.
What does your current training and split look like, and what do you like most about it?

I workout up to six times a week integrating stretching, cardio, strength, endurance and extracurricular routines such as boxing, outdoor running and competing in sports.
What are some of the most common mistakes made when someone is trying to build muscle and/or get ripped?

Two words: over training.
What are your thoughts of niche diet approaches like the Paleo Diet, Adkins Diet, Keto Runs, the Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting, etc.?

Overall I take diets for what they really are a convenient method for getting from A to B. I think the reason why the average Joe or Joan can’t commit or find a gratifying resolute is because of the lack of education and initiation of discipline it takes to achieve drastic goals of change.

On the other hand, some one competing or involved in sport specific training may benefit as they may already poses the proper mentality or tools to succeed. In

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the end we are all different and react differently to change. I think finding out what works for you is key as well as a clean based nutritional intake.

Rasma Davis
What are some of your favorite supplements and why?

I love BCAAs, I drink it all the time. I also enjoy the convenience of protein powders when you’re on the go. I also am an advocate of probiotics. Proper digestive function is as important as the food you intake.
Rasma DavisWhich athletes do you admire any why?

Kobe Bryant. I know some people give a face when I say that but I have followed him since out of high school and see what he has gone through at a young age. I think pro athletes deal with a lot and Kobe showed the ability to recognize his short comings and redeem his career as a winner.
What are some of your favorite motivational quotes?

“You want me to do something? Tell me I can’t do it.” – Maya Angelou

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