Workout for Women Full Body Dumbbell Strength

Workout Description

If you have trouble sticking with your exercise regimen it might be because it is a drag to do the same old cardio or weight training split, week after week.

I have found that to keep my clients interested and excited, I have to create new exercise routines on a daily basis.  We may repeat exercises but rarely do repeat whole routines.  I want my clients to have fun and enjoy coming to my modest little Garage Gym.

This little sequence is a fullbody dumbbell strength workout as well as a metabolic conditioning program.  You can use it as an alternative or in addition to your regular workouts.  It is a great workout for groups as well as individuals.

Each exercise is done for 20 seconds and then you rest for 10 seconds.  Do the first exercise for four intervals then move to the second exercise.

After you complete the first two exercises you do 10 burpees.  Then move on to the next two exercises and use the timing and sets as outlined above.

Do 10 burpees after every two exercises as listed below.
Dumbbell Workout for Women
Exercise     Reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press     
Dumbbell Upright Row     
Burpees     10
Dumbbell Floor Press     
Dumbbell Floor Flye     
Burpees     10
Mason Twists     
Bicycle Knee to Elbow     
Burpees     10
Push Ups     
Tricep Extensions     
Burpees     10
Dumbbell Curls     
Hammer Curls     
Burpees     10

Total of 50 burpees, and a shoulder, chest, trap, ab, and arm workout.  You can always do this routine more than once if you want a longer workout!

Shoulder Press – Hold dumbbells at shoulder level and press until arms are extended.

Upright Row – Hold dumbbells in front of thighs and raise up to shoulder level leading with elbows and keeping weights close to your body.

Lying Press – Lie on your back and press dumbbells up until arms are extended over chest.

Lying Fly – Lie on your back holding dumbbells with arm extended over chest pointing toward ceiling.  Slowly lower both arms out to sides at right angles to your body, then raise back up to starting position.

Pull Overs – Lie on back holding dumbbells at your side, raise both arms and extend over your head until dumbbells touch the floor behind you.

Mason Twists – Lean back while sitting on floor, lift feet off ground, hold one dumbbell with both hands, extend arms and twist from side to side touching the floor on each side as you twist.

All the other exercises are pretty common and can be researched on Muscle & Strength.

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