Wesley Snipes Workout and Training for Blade

Who would have thought that a young boy who dreamed of a career in musical theatre would become a superstar actor as a half-vampire, half-mortal, vampire-slaying man in Blade (1998). Not only did this man, Wesley Snipes, star in this film, he also starred in the sequel, Blade 2 (2002) and in the third one, Blade: Trinity (2004).

Wesley Trent Snipes was born on July 31, 1963 and grew up in South Bronx, New York City. He moved with his mother to Orlando, Florida and acted in theaters and productions around the region. He then got his first acting role in Wildcats in 1986. Some of his other films include New Jack City (1991) and Passenger 57 (1992) where he mostly played tough-guy type roles. Some of his other films include Boiling Point (1993), U.S. Marshals (1998), Down in The Delta (1998), The Art of War (2000), Chaos (2002) and Gallowwalker (2009). This 5/10’’ man was already a martial arts expert through the African-Brazilian martial art Capoeira before acting in these films and this made him even more qualified for the role all three Blade movies. He is also trained in other martial arts like Kung Fu and Karate.

His character, Blade, is a black action comic-book hero captured on film whose main purpose is to get rid of all vampire evil in the world and to avenge his mother’s death. Blade’s special abilities were all thanks to a vampire who bit his mother when he was still in her womb. He was then born with both vampire strengths and human traits. He fortunately did not acquire any vampire weaknesses, which helped his success as a vampire hunter immensely.

Working Out Like Wesley Snipes

Wesley was known to always be in phenomenal shape especitally whenever he was prepping for a Blade movie, Wesley Snipe’s workout

The super cool and buff Blade

plans included Weight training, calisthenics, Pilates, stretching, kicking, boxing, yoga and sleep. Calisthenics is a very dynamic exercise filled with rhythmical movements for increasing flexibility and body strength. With only the use of your body weight for resistance, you’ve got to jump, bend, swing, twist and kick. Not only does this sort of exercise improve your muscles, it also helps develop balance. The other way that Wesley improves his balance and muscles is through Pilates. Pilates focuses deeper into the abdomen and back internal muscles. Next with Yoga, Wesley is able to discover health and happiness. His cardiovascular system is strengthened with the Calisthenics and Yoga, his muscles are toned and stretched and his mental fitness is also improved though Yoga.

Notice how most of Wesley’s workout includes heavy stretching. Stretches are particularly suitable for muscle elasticity and muscle toning. Wesley is able to control his muscles with ease in all sorts of flexible ranges and motions. Wesley also repeatedly states that sleep is extremely important. Sleep is great for the body and for the mind. Not only does it allow for the carbohydrates to metabolize properly, it helps an individual maintain a positive attitude no matter what amount of stress they are under. As an active actor and exerciser, sleep helps bring forth motivation, health and balance in his busy life. As a spiritual being, Wesley does all of these things to maintain a balance life and stays consistent in his physical activities.

Wesley Snipe is a good example of a well rounded physical specimen

Some of the most recent, exciting news about Wesley Snipes’ whereabouts includes his three years sentence in prison for tax evasion charges by the Internal Revenue Service. He is currently in prison and will be released in July 2013. Upon release, he plans on hopping back into the entertainment industry and resume his acting career. Who knows, he may even work on another Blade movie.

“I have a great deal of fun playing Blade. The lifestyle of it, the controlled rebelliousness, is wonderful to me. And it’s therapeutic, too. A role like this lets you vent.” Wesley Snipes

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