First Lady Michelle Obama shares her diet and workout secrets

First Lady Michelle Obama is fit and fab at 48, thanks to a healthy diet and daily pre-dawn workouts.

The athletic 5-foot-11 Obama hits the White House gym between 4:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. every morning before her daughters wake up, doing a combination of cardio exercise, strength-training and plyometric moves.

“Barack and I work out every day,” Michelle told iVillage Aug. 21, 2012 in her first feature as guest editor. “When he isn’t traveling, that’s the first thing we do. So we spend time together in the morning. I usually get to the gym before he does, but he is usually there either in the middle of my workout or right at the end.”

The First Lady says lifting weights is an integral part of her training. “You don’t have to be a weightlifter,” she says. “I know a lot of women get worried about muscle definition. But actually, I’ve been told by fitness experts that the average person will not bulk up on the weights that we can lift. That’s not why people bulk up.

“You want to have some weight training in your routine, especially as women, to make sure we’ve got strong bone density. And it helps with that toning, those little areas that we don’t like that flap a little bit, that aren’t as tight. That’s where lifting comes in, once you’ve gotten your cardio in there.”

Michelle also tries to do yoga and Pilates regularly and maintain a steady weight. “I try to keep my weight at a certain level,” she says. “And I’ve found that as I get older I don’t like to diet. I like food. I don’t like to have to worry and count every calorie.”

Obama doesn’t let anything keep her from her daily workouts–not even a hectic travel schedule.

“I bring a jump rope and some of those rubber [exercise] bands,” she says. “They’re really inexpensive. And I can usually do some rope-jumping in the hotel room.”

The First Lady, who launched the “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign in 2010, underscores that being active on a daily basis is doable, no matter how busy one is.

“What people should know is that it just doesn’t take much,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be that complicated. If I don’t have a rope or if I don’t have space, I might do a 30-minute routine that includes a minute of jumping jacks alternating with a minute of pushups, or however many you can do, and then some sit-ups. And you keep doing that circuit again and again, and you’ll find that you’re going to build up a lot of sweat. You’re going to be burning calories.”

While she tries to eat healthy most of the time, Obama admits she has a weakness for french fries. “If there are french fries in the vicinity, I’m done. It’s over,” she says.

“Barack, his [vice] is chips and salsa and guacamole. And peanuts, almonds, pecans. And there’s a way that he eats that we tease him about: He kind of shakes them in one hand and creates, like, a little dispenser with his index finger where he can just pop them in his mouth. He’s a nut guy. That’s what he’s munching on all the time.”


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