Lose weight fast with no exercise

When it comes to the thought of exercising many people develop a sweat. Instead of sweating it out at a gym or while playing a sport, they break into a sweat at the very thought of strenuous physical activity in order to lose weight. The exercise part leading to weight loss is what puts off many an enthusiastic weight loss aspirant as they cannot bear the thought of a perspiration filled activity to shed their flab, preferring to dream about an alternate magical potion that will melt all the cellulite away. However, till that gets invented, here are some helpful scientifically proven tips to help such people get rid of that extra fat – yes, minus the sweat and toil of exercise!


It is thanks to various diet plans available today that you can actually lose weight fast with no exercise!


There is absolutely no exercise involved in any of these tips mentioned below but you do have to pay attention to your diet. In order to shed those extra pounds you will have to watch what you eat. The number of calories you take in will slowly have to be cut down to what is the optimum recommended amount for each meal so that you still get to have a well balanced meal, but minus the extra calories.


Begin by switching from high fat food or junk food including carbonated drinks to low calorie, low fat foods, or even meal replacement formulas that are wholesome and nourishing to help you lose weight fast with no physical activity involved, advise weight loss professionals.


A smart diet strategy called calorie shifting can be brought in for balancing the calories consumed during a meal in such a way that these calories are burnt by the body, instead of being stored by it. For example, eat only a portion of fruit in the morning; since fruit has natural sugar content, they keep one feeling full for a long time because they do not get fully digested very soon. Thus, fresh fruit are a healthy and filling option for dieters instead of partaking of processed sugar found in cereals or a doughnut, which get digested very quickly making you feel hungry very soon.


Stay away from white bread, white rice and all things made from white flour. Shift instead to brown rice, whole grain bread and wheat flour. This technique cuts carbs, which result in weight gain.


Avoid eating processed foods, which may be low cal, but not entirely low fat, such as rich gravies or salad dressings etc. So, include more of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. They are packed with nutrients and can keep off the pounds naturally for you. Having a glass of freshly made fruit or vegetable juice with your meal is a great idea. Keep vegetables like radish, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, grapes, and tomatoes in fridge-bags so they are always close at hand for a quick nibble whenever you get hunger pangs, or toss them into a salad.


Finally, avoid snacking between meals to lose weight fast with no exercise as eating between meals makes your system sluggish and counters your dieting efforts for slimming.

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