Lose weight fast with laxatives

Weight loss is something everybody is happy to undergo, as everyone loves the idea of a fit body. But, there are so many different opinions on how to lose weight the fastest way that it can be confusing to choose the right one. Also, one method that works wonders for some people might not do so for others. But, a simple, fast and effective way to lose weight fast is by taking laxatives.


A laxative is a product that will clean out your stomach and intestines, thus making it appear empty and thinner and eventually helping you keep unwanted weight off.


If you want to lose weight by taking laxatives then you have to devise a plan. You need to chart out a schedule of when you will be taking a laxative.


You may choose to take a laxative before every meal. If you take a laxative as soon as you get up then you will feel the need to use the toilet after breakfast. Similarly, if you take a laxative before every meal then you will be using the toilet after every meal, thereby making your body lose all those calories you have consumed during the meal.


Always ensure that you drink a lot of water while taking laxatives to lose weight. This is because when you take laxatives your bowel movements are loosened and hence you might feel dehydrated. So, if you consume lots of water then you will not end up feeling dehydrated as you will be counteracting the effect of dehydration which is the after effect of taking laxatives for losing weight.


Remember that the key to taking laxatives for shedding extra kilos successfully is to ensure that you loosed up your body’s elasticity without depleting it of the natural water and hydration resources.


Another fact you must keep in mind while taking laxatives is that you should always have something in your stomach. This might be very little but even then, make sure you partake a light meal or healthy snack, like fruit or fresh veggies. The laxative works in rhythm with the harmony of the body only when there is something in the stomach or the intestines, which it has to clear.


Another method to lose weight fast with laxatives is to take one in the morning as soon as you wake up and another one at bedtime just before you retire for the day. If you regularly follow this regimen then be prepared to wake up at odd hours in the night for attending to nature’s call as your body adapts to the changes of the laxatives working on your system.


If you are constipated or suffer from irregular bowel movement, then you do not have to consume full meals. Your stomach and intestines will already have waste in them and hence the laxatives will work to clear off the waster. If you do not suffer from the above-mentioned conditions, then make sure you always eat something after taking the laxative.


If you decide to lose weight with the help of laxatives then fixed timings are a must to make the weight loss plan a success. When you take laxatives to lose weight you might have to make frequent trips to the toilet to relieve yourself and hence make sure you are within reach of a toilet no matter where you go. Another aspect while taking laxatives to lose weight is to ensure you take supplements, which will restore the adequate amount of anti-oxidants to your body.

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