Tremors on hand

A tremor is a typical movement which is involuntary in nature and is characterized by a mild or violent shaking movement. Usually, a tremor is noticed in the hands, even though it may affect any other part of the body. Some people also have tremors in their voice.

Hand tremors causes depend on which type of tremors you are experiencing. There are three main kinds of tremors:

Resting or static, which occur even when that part of the body is at rest.

Intention or kinetic tremors, which occur when you are performing an action using the affected part of the body.

For instance, if you are readjusting your hair or eating using a spoon, your hand may tremor while performing the action.

Action or posture tremors which occur when you have been holding the affected part of your body still at a particular position for an extended period of time. Writing is a common action in which a person experiences such tremors.

Hand tremor symptoms are simple. The hand can be seen visibly shaking while at rest or while performing an action or activity. While moving their hands, everyone experiences some tremors. However, anxiety, stress, smoking, and fear may worsen the tremors temporarily.

Though anyone could experience these kinds of tremors, they are most often observed in the elderly. In both young people and the old, hand tremors are not exactly a healthy sign. If the tremors remain for a long duration of time and do not seem to be subsiding, it could be a sign of an underlying medical problem.

It is important to get this tested by a doctor and get a medical opinion on it. Depending on your age, physical health, and medical history, the doctor may ask for a few tests to be performed. This is simply to nail down the medical reasons responsible for the condition.


Some of the common hand tremors causes are too much of caffeine, excessive alcohol consumption or withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, low blood sugar, ageing, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, overactive thyroid gland, neuropathies, nerve or movement disorders, brain tumor, and stroke.

If your tremors are a result of stress, they can be cured by relaxation techniques and catching up on your sleep. Breathing exercises may help regulate the flow of blood and hormones, allowing your body to come to a balance. This would help control the tremors in your hands. If these things are not helping, consult a doctor for hand tremors treatment before you try self treatment.

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