Treatment of hand fungus

Fungi are organisms that are present naturally in the environment and can even grow on our bodies and lead to infections. They can also occur in an unnatural way but are kept in control by the bacteria defense systems of the body. Moist and warm places are breeding houses for fungi and in case of humans, an infection can occur in the armpits, hands, nails and the groin region.

The reasons for getting an infection in the hands are many and can be attributed to a weak immune system. The immune system of an individual may go weak due to disease or a lot of stress, reaction of certain medicines, a humid or extremely warm climate and improper hygiene. There are a couple of home remedies that you can try to get rid of the fungus on your hands.

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in treating fungal infections wherein you should soak your hands in the solution two times a day.


If the fungus is on your fingernails, you should clip the portion of the nails that are affected as much as possible and remove any material that has settled underneath the bed of the nail.


Similarly, vinegar can be used in the same manner to cure hand fungus. You need to however, dilute about ¼ or ½ a cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of water in order to soak your hands into it and do this for two to three times a day. There are a number of oils that enable to cure hand fungus and tea tree oil is one of them. Application of this oil to the infected hands is very beneficial in curing the same.


You can put the oil onto the inside of the nails with the help of a dropper. Other oils that could be used for the same purpose are garlic oil, oregano essential oil and lavender oil. However, when you buy these oils, make sure that they are authentic and of medicinal grade. Bleach is yet another remedy that can be used for treating hand fungus as it is anti fungal. You should mix a cap of bleach in a cup of water and soak your hands in it for a while. Once done, you should clean your hands properly with soap and water. However, a lot of people do not like to use bleach as a remedy because of its odor and possible irritation to the skin.

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