Treatment of fish bone stuck in throat

Dislodge Fish Bone in Throat:

For most fish eaters, the hazard of having a fish bone getting lodged in their throats is not such a distant prospect. The moment the person feels the fish bone stuck in the passage of the throat it may cause them to choke or panic. However it would help if the person would try looking in the mirror and checking if the bone is lodged within reaching distance of one’s fingers or a pair of tweezerss.

If so you get a gently pull it out yourselff The moment a fish bone gets stuck in a person’s throat one of the oldest remedies suggested is to swallow a little bit of dry rice, maybe a handfull Most of the time this solution gets instant success as it helps to dislodge the bone and aids it to make its way down the throatt.

If the bone is blunt tipped it will continue on it its way and will eventually reach the stomach where the gastric juices and HCL will ultimately help to dissolve itt.


If it does not help some other remedies would include eating apples or bananas or even plain dry breadd Remember to drink a lot of water as at times even the water flow can help to dislodge the stuck bonee.


You could also try coughing hard or heavily as the paroxysm could get the bone out from where it is stuckk If these do not work you could try gulping down a glob of butter or butter cream cakee Peanut butter or chocolate can also help to do the trickk Otherwise the person can try drinking a glass of hot milk which has been mixed with a bit of turmeric powderr The turmeric will help give the person some relief from the irritation that has accompanied the stuck fish bone in throat> Milk has the ability to coat one’s throat which will help other foodstuffs from bothering the woundd Turmeric also has some medicinal and healing properties and is known to be anti septic in naturee The turmeric can thus possibly help to heal the wound that has been causedd In stead of turmeric, even clarified butter can be added to the glass of milkk This is also known to help in soothing the throat besides having some healing propertiess A swallow of honey can possibly help to dislodge the bone and will aid in coating the lining of the throatt Besides it would also help to heal the woundd.


If the fishbone has caused a wound or a laceration in the throat then remember to leave the fishbone alonee Do not touch itt If it continues to bother the person for a while, the advisable course of action is to show the wound to a doctorr The doctor will conduct a medical examination and advise the person on what could be the right course of actionn.

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