The crunch on an exercise ball

Benefits Of The Crunch On An Exercise Ball – Abs Exercise and Core Exercise


Helps to stabilize and support our back

Abdominal muscles are worked throughout the entire range of this workout
Improves our physical appearance



This workout is easy to learn and do, and is an excellent addition to any fitness routine
Equipment is inexpensive
Equipment doesn’t take up a lot of space
Works primarily your abdominal muscles




Need to purchase equipment
Takes a little practice to keep the ball stable



These tips have helped me make this workout easier and perhaps more effective:


It helps me to stabilize the ball by placing my toes against a wall or piece of furniture. This prevents my feet from sliding.
Readjust your position on the ball if you feel muscular discomfort on either side of your body.
Make sure your lower back is firmly on the ball to prevent lower back strain.
Keep the ball less than fully inflated to help prevent it from rolling.
Practice a few times lying on the ball and keeping it stable before doing this workout

How To Do The Crunch On An Exercise Ball


I really like this workout. Your abdominal muscles are worked during the entire range of this workout. Your abdominal muscles stay tight while laying flat by supporting your upper torso, and while rotating up to a 45 degree angle.
I like to support my toes against a wall or piece of furniture to help me keep my feet from sliding.


Lie flat face up supporting your lower back on the ball to prevent lower back strain
Place your hands behind your head
Contract your abdominal muscles to rotate your torso off the ball and elevating your upper torso about 45 degrees
As you rotate up, keep the ball stable
Lower back down to the flat position stretching your abs
Repeat for about 15 or more repetitions
I usually do 25 reps at a time, 4 times a day. If you have not done abdominal workouts in a long time, slowly work up to this level.

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