Remedy of itchy tattoo

Getting yourself that perfect tattoo lets you make a permanent statement about your style and attitude. However, tattooing is not a simple, risk-free procedure! Depending on the skill of the tattoo artist, you can expect some level of pain or discomfort during the actual process.

Since the tattoo needle pierces up to three levels of skin for a permanent design, you will need some healing after the process. In almost every case, it is normal for the skin around the tattoo to get sensitive, itchy, and swollen. Even with the best care, most of us will require some itchy tattoo relief.

The itchiness is usually a good sign that your skin is healing well in the region of the tattoo.


For the first few weeks, your itchy tattoo treatment will concentrate on allowing nature to take its course. In the first week, you may experience some minor swelling, with bumps appearing around the tattoo. You should avoid scratching or damaging the skin around this raised, itchy tattoo. For itchy tattoo relief, try applying a gentle pressure on the region without any scrubbing motions. This is a great raised tattoo remedy, since it helps to reduce the itchiness and swelling, without damaging the sensitive skin or spoiling your new design.


Your tattoo artist will probably recommend a medicinal ointment to protect the damaged skin and reduced the swelling. At home, you can try natural skin protection from aloe vera gel. This is a purely natural remedy, packed with Nature’s goodness to protect you from any infections and promote faster healing. Many people also experience itchy tattoo relief by applying honey over the area. Natural honey contains powerful antibiotics and promotes healing.


By Week 2, you should notice some dryness of the skin near the tattoo. This shows that your itchy tattoo is healing. Soon the dead skin will start peeling off as new, healthy skin grows over the tattoo. However, you will need further itchy tattoo relief as the area gets sensitive. Try to avoid hurrying the process by picking at scabs; this will only cause new damage, increasing your healing time! During the next couple of weeks, you will notice that the swelling has disappeared, your skin is getting back to normal, and you can enjoy your new tattoo!


However, some people experience a stronger reaction to the tattoo process. This can be due to several reasons. Once common reason is allergies to the colored dyes used for the tattoo. If you see itchy tattoo bumps only in parts of the tattoo with the same color, you may have an allergic reaction to the ink. In this case, your itchy tattoo treatment may require a visit to a dermatologist for suitable medication.


Another cause of uncomfortable tattoos can be the weather. As strange as it sounds, your skin actually reacts to heat, humidity, and cold by slightly swelling or shrinking. This may some swelling in the tattoo area, causing irritation. For such an itchy tattoo, relief can be had by using skin-friendly ointments that moisturize and pamper the skin. Again, aloe vera gel is a suitable, safe natural alternative.


In few cases, changes in body chemistry can also affect your tattoo. These can be everyday issues like stress, temperature changes, and intense physical activity. Other conditions include mid-life changes, pregnancies, and serious medical problems. If you find itchy tattoo bumps with no obvious solution, you may want to visit a dermatologist for further information.


As you’ve seen most causes of swelling and itchiness can be treated right at home. In fact, a raised, itchy tattoo is part of the natural healing process. Only a few cases linked to allergies or body chemistry may require a complete tattoo removal for itchy tattoo relief.

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