Remedies of arthritis alternative

Arthritis is a chronic physical condition which affects the joints of the body. Arthritis causes damage, pain and stiffness in the joints. The joints include knees, elbows, fingers, feet, hips wrists and even muscles.

There are two types of arthritis conditions which are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. In case of osteoarthritis, the condition and the pain occurs after an intense physical activity and in rheumatoid arthritis, the pain builds up over several months. Other symptoms of the condition include constipation, fatigue, body aches and deformity in the hands and the legs.

Heredity is considered to be one of the major causes of arthritis. Other causes include anxiety, distress, injury and many more. It is very important to keep these symptoms in mind and act immediately. Severe arthritis may also cause bone cancer which is extremely painful and fatal. The treatment for arthritis should be started at its earliest to avoid further severe problems.


Arthritis home remedies are considered to be probably safe and natural. The remedies do not cause any kind of side effects and are highly effective. Coconut is believed to provide temporary relief from arthritis. Coconut has also been assumed to relieve arthritis completely if consumed on a regular basis. It can be consumed in any form. Another remedy for arthritis includes intake of three tablespoons of castor oil in a glassful of orange juice. This concoction should be consumed every morning for two months. This treatment is considered to be very effective and has relieved arthritis completely. Another surefire method includes increasing the intake of lime on a daily basis. A whole lime should be squeezed in a glassful of water and consumed at least four times in a day. The citric acid found in lime helps in the cure for arthritis. Other remedies include consumption of bananas, garlic, sesame seeds and an increased intake of calcium. These steps should be followed religiously for a speedy recovery. These are some of the valuable arthritis alternative remedies.

Apart from the remedies for arthritis, it is very important to keep a few preventive measures in mind. It is very important to check your diet when suffering from arthritis. Meals should be rich in nutrients and any type of junk food should be avoided. Smoking and intake of alcohol should be stopped immediately. Exercising should be at a minimum as it might inflict additional pain. If you do not achieve relief in a couple of weeks or experience more pain, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Arthritis alternative remedies are free from side effects and completely natural.

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