Relieve a throbbing ear

Ears are a sensitive and delicate part of the body, and any infection or underlying condition can cause a lot of pain. A throbbing ear is one of the first few symptoms of an infection. The pain may worsen when you touch your ear, and this could be due to the presence of excess fluids in the ear.

Other signs pointing towards an infection are headaches, a stiff neck, fever, and loss of hearing.


What Causes of a Throbbing Ear?


The easiest way to get rid of your earache is by finding the source of the problem.

The pain could be due to fluid behind the eardrum, wax build up, inner ear infection, or pulsating tinnitus.

In most cases, earaches or throbbing is experienced is when fluid collects in your ear and causes imbalance. While the use of ear buds or Q-tips is controversial, make sure you visit a doctor for regular cleaning of the wax. A build-up of wax could not only lead to pain and throbbing but also may worsen into an infection.


If you have an inner ear infection, there will considerable pain, and the throbbing will be felt deep inside your ear. The inner ear is a small area, and so swelling of blood vessels and nerves due to infections causes the throbbing sensation. A doctor can treat this condition with antibiotics.

Pulsating tinnitus is a very irritating condition where you can hear your ears ringing or the sound of your heartbeat. The throbbing pulse in the ear is due to the blood flow. This mostly occurs when there is a swollen or damaged tissue in the Eustachian tube located behind the eardrum.


How to Relieve a Throbbing ear?


At the first sign of ear pain, make sure you go to a doctor; the earlier you get the required treatment, the better it will be for you. Getting treatment for a throbbing ear and pain from a doctor is advisable as you could worsen the condition by trying to cure it by yourself.

That said; there are some home remedies that you could try out.

Vitamin C helps in building your immune system and to fight infections off better. Include vitamin C-rich foods like oranges and other citrus fruits in your diet.

There are some oils like mustard and olive oil that help with soothing the pain and to soften the wax, but be careful when using these oils as ear drops.

A warm pack of water placed over your ear could give you some much needed relief.

Ginger and garlic juice are also known to be good pain relievers.

If you are unsure of the safety of home remedies consult your doctor who will recommend what is suitable for your ear.

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